Monday, January 18, 2016

El Palapa Mirador

El Palapa Mirador, owned by Dona Maria for the last 16 years

My Mexican sister has decided to take most of the year off and isn't operating her restaurant this year. Since I had more time on my hands I was hanging out at Los Chivos a lot, swimming and or paddling. I still don't like swimming in the waves which makes Los Chivos the perfect spot. In hanging out there I ended up getting a new job. I am the new waitress/dishwasher/ and the "go get me this" girl at the Palapa EL Mirador  ( The look out palapa) named so because we have a beautiful view of the Island across the water with the mountains in the background. 

We have a bottom deck where you can sit at sea level or a top deck where you have the view, this is a perfect work out for me, up and down the stairs all day long, I do feel it at night when I go to bed. Every evening after cleanup I jump in the water for a quick dip, so refreshing.

My Mexican brother is there as well every day, he has been hired to rebuild her palapa, due to all the storms this has to be done every few years. He and his crew of banditos (my name for them) are there every day as well, entertaining us....or me anyway. 
If you ever get a chance to watch a Mexican construction crew at work do so, It is entertaining and so very interesting. I wish I could set up a web cam up because pictures just don't do it any justice.
There is a whole lot of shanigans that go on but it never even slows down the work, these guys work like no other. They have been  working there for 2 weeks and I will miss them when they are gone. They chatter away all day, they whoo whoo and sing, play jokes on each other and laugh at each other every chance they get, they have little accidents and mishaps and they get side tracked with helping others. They will stop and go to the cantina to get more beer for us, they will give people rides to the ferry, they will help chop coconuts when we get busy, they will help unload the coke truck, one customer lost her cell phone yesterday, the whole crew stopped and searched in the sand for it and then one guy raced to the ferry with his quad only to find that they had already crossed so he crossed over as well and met up with her on the other side. ...... work did get interrupted a bit that time.
The bottom deck at hightide

You can't beat this view from your table

If you want to be even closer the new waitress will put a table down below for you and she will run back and forth....she needs the exercise.

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Very classy bathrooms, complete with real doors

Sometimes the sunset starts out like this

When the water turns a rose color the waitress will usually take a swim

Sometimes when it's slow the waitress will hang up her dress and go for a swim

Then of course she has to lay  in a hammock to dry off for awhile
Sometimes the sunset is astounding 

And sometimes the sky is astounding 

I use the word astounding so much here in Mexico. 


Dave said...

What a beautiful idyllic place, no wonder you wanted to get back there. Those guys sound a great bunch, isnt it great to have fun when you're working, it becomes more a social activity and you hardly think of it as working. Do you still work on the golf courses as well?

Barbara Lane said...

I can't tell you how joyous it is when I find a new post up. :) They are so worth waiting for! I've said it before but must say it again....I so envy your life! What a lovely, lovely way to live, and living it is. Again thank you for sharing.....

Mary Klassen said...

yes Dave, my golf course job is a summer job only. You said it right, work is a social activity.
Thanks Barbara, you humble me. Thank you for your patience.

DuckDee said...

Hi Mary,
Just stumbled onto your blog a couple of days ago as I was noodling around looking for stuff on living in MX for 1/2 the year! You are an amazing Albertan- living and loving life.

I'm from around St Albert and wanted to ask you a couple of questions - is this the best way to connect with you (as I can't find an email anywhere).

Best - Sheila

Mary Klassen said...

Sheila.....sorry for the late response, This was all set up so that I would get an email when someone left a comment but somehow that was disabled and I have been absent from blogging for a bit....for no reason other than just busy. PLease email me if you still have questions at I would be happy to answer any question