Friday, July 17, 2015

Go West

I've been missing trees, big tall straight majestic poplars, tall fat covering and towering spruce we have up north, been pining (haha) away for some trees. I should have known, it was so simple I didn't think of it. Go West. Just point your car west. 10 minutes west of my glamper I found trees, lots of trees, beautiful trees, too many to count, you could even get lost in them (if you wanted to). I couldn't believe I was so close. I should have known, the good ol' West. So, the next time you are sad and lonely go West, not sure how far you will have to go, I got lucky in 10 minutes. Also found a lovely lake to paddle in about 20 minutes from my glamper. Live is good....and about to get better, strawberry season is here. 

Pointed west

Love this road going West

My beach

Heading out to paddle in some choppy waters on a windy morning......still fun

I should have a bumper sticker that says "I brake for strawberries"......because I do. 

a 20 minute stop and ...... a pail of strawberries in the passenger seat

patio garden

more garden

a big basket of peonies petals .... fresh poporri 


Contessa said...

Glad you found the trees :) What lake is that? Looks huge, love the beach.

Mary Klassen said...

It's Gleniffer Lake