Monday, May 25, 2015

Only Good things

When you move from one place to another, East to West, north to South whatever it may be, how do you stop forever comparing everything? Do you ever stop? I don't want to be that person that is forever saying "didn't do it like that up North" or "thats not what  I am used too". I've met those people, and I didn't like them and I just wanted to say "well you are here now and this is how we do it and if you don't like it get on the south bound bus". Now I am saying that to myself before someone says it to me. (except  I say North bound bus).

So, I will focus only on the good things and try to stop comparing and relating everything to the North.

The birds sing to me every morning outside my glamper well before the sun is up.

When the sun shines through my yellow curtains at dusk it casts a glow that make me feel like the sun specifically choose me to set on.

I don't need to tell you how cozy rain is on a tin sounds do I?

I have claimed a tree to have supper under every evening behind my glamper, when i am done eating I lay on my back and admire it from the bottom up, it may only be one tree but when looking at it from that view all I can see is tree, making me feel like i am surrounded by trees. I now have time to have long slow sit down suppers. I like that.

I found a Charlie Pride record, someone wrote July 21 1976 on it. Yes I have a record player...don't you?

They don't carry my favorite wine at the local liquor store, but I found a new favorite, turns out I wasn't that attached to it.

You don't need a "sewing room" to sew.

Found a farmer that sells farm raised beef right from his farm....pure beef  from clean cows, with no filler or antibiotics or whatever other crap they feed those store cows....and in small packages, individual steaks and 1 lb packages of hamburger....for single people and for people with a glamper fridge with a freezer that is smaller than your average dictionary. Still need to find farm eggs. Would I be so lucky and find farm cream? Farm cream in my coffee, on my potatoes, in my cabbage soup, cream sauce on my pasta, strawberries and cream, corn and cream....I could go on, I like me some cream.

There is a U-pick strawberry farm up the road. This is a good thing, with or without cream.

Found a grocery store that sells small cakes...good ones too.

I don't miss my 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house....not one bit.

I am going to have an amazing container garden.....just you wait, it will be amazing, I promise. I am going to blow your mind at how many vegetable I am going to grow on this deck, even though it's facing north.....a non gardener must of built this, why would anyone have a north facing deck? 

There are a lot, mucho much, apple trees on the golf course where I work, I will be making apple juice this fall....oh yes.

It's a 10 minute drive to the nearest store to buy a bag of chips....that's a good thing.

At least once a day I have to gently chase a bee out of my house.....reminds me of my Mexican house. I Like that. This of course is because like a heathen I always leave the door open. Heathens do that apparently, they're also the ones that don't believe that bees make the world go round. Yes bees make the world go around, be nice to bees.

There is a big old grey cat sitting on my deck, he isn't mine but he comes for love every few days. He looks and growls like a grey panther but he purrs like a baby. Is he my new summer cat? Hope my old summer cat is ok.

I found a beach....nuff said. 

Supper under a tree, pretty much every evening

Growl growl.....can you come out and love me please

my new tea table

I found a beach a 15 minute drive from my house......alll will be well now. 

yup....if you need me I will be here.....a lot.

A thrilling second hand store find. A small 3 cup pot and a 5 cup tea pot. 

My record player

My Lion King flashlight....because I might need one some day. It's the one little memorabilia that I kept from my child's childhood.....can you believe she didn't want this? Who wouldn't want a Lion King flashlight. 


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Suzanne said...

There is a lot of serenity in this post. I love your al fresco dining area. And your record player. And your Keffiyeh curtains. Very homey.

Contessa said...

Love it all you are settled. TO find a beach so close, very good. One day tell us about the job please.