Monday, March 23, 2015

when the ceiling falls

Even in Paradise bad things happens....sometimes. Imagine my surprise. I come from being on the mainland all day. I need to go to the beach, most days I want to go to the beach, but when I come home from the mainland I NEED to go to the beach, It seems I have to wash the city vibe off of me. So I am in a hurry to get out of the house, but I need to use the bathroom first....quickly I say to me. This is what the bathroom looked like. WHAT!

A piece of concrete from the ceiling fell down and smashed my sink right off the wall.

See all the little cracks in the concrete, that means its not done falling, my bedroom, bathroom and kitchen ceiling is very cracked.

So operation "fix ceiling" will happen while  I am in Canada. Which means I have to pack my whole house into plastic bags because the dust will be Guynormous (yes thats a word) it means really really much.
Which means operation "pack house into plastic bags" is happening right now.....well not right this moment, right now i am sitting here in my living room (the only safe place in the house) drinking coffee and listening to the roosters waking up the Island.


Contessa said...

I had no idea this had happened. Good thing you weren't on the toilet at the time. What a mess there will be when you get back.

Mary Klassen said...

ohhhh yes there will be a mess, but because my stuff is all in one room it will be easy to clean up.