Saturday, March 21, 2015

The New Old Bull

 My Mexican sisters restaurant "El Torro Viejo" (the old bull) got torn apart from the hurricanes that came through before I got here and she was a little slower in rebuilding that the rest. The biggest setback was the stove that got destroyed and of course the palapa and bathrooms.....all destroyed.

poor Old Bull

The Fridge

Where the kitchen used to be

What a mess

All has been rebuilt, bigger and better. Bathrooms have tiled floor and walls, (I fancy) but no roof so you can still see the sunset from the toilet, the stove is new and beautiful, new fire pit has been built, we have lots of shelves and a much bigger work space. We have a fridge, a stereo, we have a concrete floor (not sure I like this yet)  and the dishwashing station has been built to fit me, everyone else has to stand on a pop crate to use it, looks like I am expected to work here awhile yet.
What didn't change....the knife with the broken tip is still there, our plates still don't match, the forks are still bent, extension cords are still stung out everywhere, the view is still breath taking, the food still amazing, water still over flows in the pila once in a while, the people.....all the same, albeit a year older which is only noticeable on the 8 year old who just turned 9, and the cat looks a bit more mature. The dog had puppies again and is pregnant again, and the hammocks are still there. 

Lovely stove and shelving. Stove has a deep fryer which is where sister stores her shoes and purse and anything else of value. A real Mexican restaurant does not submerge when deep frying. My sister uses new oil for every order, so a deep fryer is not practical. This is why her fish and shrimp are better than anywhere opinion

New shower

The old sink survived the storm

Love  the big long prep table

Triple BBQ and a double pila, sister is standing on a crate

the new double pila, one side is for cleaning fish, how awesome is that. However, I do see a problem, the drain holes are very small, and there isn't mush slope.....oh well. 

And of course I am still the beach hammock. 

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Contessa said...

What a great stove! So nice to see it all back together again.