Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Spanish Immersion

My day starts with a cup of coffee on my front step waiting for the sun to rise. My garden is missing flowers, I think more gardenias would be nice, and what are those red, white and pink flowers we have at home called...I can't remember their name, need some of those. I'll think of it yet. My walk on the beach at sunrise was outstanding, it always is. I catch some fishermen just bringing in their catch, I am reminded of Peter, James and John, I think they would have looked like these guys, burned dark from the sun, feet showing years of wear from the salt water, lean,  strong, with ripped abs from pulling heavy nets, they would have smiled just like these guys did, such a noble way of making your living....I feel like I am witnessing something sacred when I see the net hauled in.

I spend the rest of the day at my "sister's" restaurant, she is closed during the week these days, not enough traffic on the beach. We hang out all day, friends and family come and go. While we are talking we clean the kitchen and she gets her laundry done. We tell stories and laugh, we get pedicures, do laundry, eat  beans and machaca tortillas.

 There are two washing machines going, (because one washes but doesn't spin and one spins but doesn't wash) a foot bath tub is plugged in, dogs running around our feet, a Christmas tree is decorated, lights and tinsel hanging everywhere, enough extension cords running under our feet to tangle up a village, drinks are spilled, there is a dirty mop hanging from every tree, a naked Barbie laying in the sand, wet underpants fall on the ground off the wash line, someone banged his head on a hanging pot, the dish washing pila over flows....extension cords are now laying in water, no one notices, we talk about turning the restaurant into a grand elegant hotel, we draw some serious plans in the sand, we are going to hire a decorator and only rent to fancy people, we talked about how old we all were when we got pubic hair, we talk about fighting with kids and their homework, we talk about underpants, (under pants is always a hot topic) new shoes, short hair vs long hair and whether men like women with fake eye lashes or not, and who is fatter, Americans, Canadians or Mexicans, and whether Mexicans are fat because of the Coke or the tortillas? We decide Canadians are fat because of bread and Americans because of french fries.

 We discuss why the fridge stinks, whose horses on the beach are cleaner and how often we think they should be bathed, and where are the lifeguards going with that kayak. I get invited to a wedding in Durango, (road trip)  I want to see the new Durango bridge so I say yes. I'm told to buy a long black dress....I prefer red, it's decided I will need to learn to dance, lessons will commence pronto, maybe I'll get fake eye lashes (not). I'm given a Spanish lesson, there is a long discussion first about the alphabet whether the I comes before J or Spanish teachers aren't sure about the order of the alphabet....hilarious. I love these people. 

Beach dogs had a lazy day too


Brenda Maas said...

Underpants will become an even hotter topic just before the New Year lol.

Contessa said...

What are machaca tortillas?

Rob said...

You have quite the life down there Mary. Durango blog post, can't wait:)

Mary Klassen said... is a recipe for machaca, you can buy it at the Super deli, sometimes our meat guy at the carnecia has it too, and of course the main market in Maz.

Rob....definitely will write about Durango