Sunday, December 8, 2013

First day working

I ended my morning walk at the restaurant, just as a load of people walked up and asked if we were open, they were hungry for fish, it was decided we are open. The water guy got called, the tortilla guy got whistled down, I'm told not to pay him because we want him to come back in a few hours....if you don't pay him he is sure to come back, I have so much to learn. 

Someone gets sent to buy shrimp, he comes back with nice big shrimp, but they were not cheap, 140 pesos a kilo, why has the price of shrimp gone up? I dice tomatoes, chili, onions, cucumbers, grate carrots, and pulverize crackers for breading fish and shrimp. Nothing has changed, the knife that had a broken tip last year is still there....still broken, the yellow rag is still there, the pila still keeps overflowing, we are still short spoons and the teeth of most of the forks are still bent, the plates are still all different and beautiful, the one little coffee cup that still has a handle is still there, and just like last year the dog is pregnant again, and just like last year I handle the chili too much and my left hand is on fire for the rest of the day. Phrase of the day is "don't trip"..... extension cords everywhere. The view from the hammock is still the same and I like that nothing has changed. 

Our group of customers are from Durango (thanks to the new road) and they brought tents, they will camp under our palapa tonight, I'm jealous, it's so beautiful with all the Christmas lights at night. Guessing we will be serving them breakfast tomorrow. ...... I won't be there I am heading in to the mainland tomorrow to see if I can get some kitchen cupboards made. I think it's time for some real cupboards and then upgrade to real glass dishes, including glass wine glasses (I'm exciting about that....because I drink wine like once a will understand my excitement when you see my new Mexican glass wine glasses)  Don't worry it won't get too fancy here.....something like this. This house will always have the ranchero fancy for me....except for wine glasses.

These are the kitchen cupboards that I want, except I want to add a 3rd shelf...a skinny one for plates

 I have a guy lined up to put some shelves in as well, hang a plant, put some hooks in the ceiling so I can hang a lamp, hang a higher clothes line, hang a light outside and hang a hammock. Hanging stuff is a problem because of brick and concrete, he should have been here 1 week of tomorrows ago. He'll come. Yet. Next year I am bringing a rock drill with me....remind me about October to buy one.
oh...totally off subject, had a big cockroach in my bed last night. I woke up at night  and thought I felt a cockroach on me, (not sure how I knew what that would feel like)  sat up and turned the light on but didn't see anything, went back to sleep. This morning as I come out of the bathroom I see a big cockroach in my bed.....I slept with a cockroach all night. I was right, there was a cockroach on me, when a cockroach is on you even if you have never felt that before it is a distinctive  feeling and you will know that it was a cockroach. This didn't even freak me out too much. A few years ago I would have destroyed my bed looking for it, maybe even set it on fire to make sure it was gone. I've come a long way. I am however a bit nervous about rats this year. I have seen 3 dead rats on the street in front of my house (flattened by cars) never seen that before. When I lived on the beach I saw a couple of rats in a big wood pile, other than that I have never seen a rat here. Let's keep it that way. Oh....I've also seen rats at night by the dock a time or two..or three.

Last night  I woke up and heard a noise in my back yard, a rustling of a plastic bag kind of sound. I get up and look out the window, and see nothing. I go back to bed, but again it sounds like someone is eating a bag of chips....rustle rustle of a bag and then crunch crunch, I get up again, turn light on and look out the window, see nothing. I turn the light off and pretend to go to bed, rustle rustle, crunch crunch, I peek out the window and see 2 racoons eating from the bag of stale Totopos (chips) I had thrown in the trash, I decide  I don't care and go back to bed.  I lay in bed and listen to rustle rustle crunch crunch, rustle rustle crunch crunch.....I decide I do care, I get up and shoo them away. I feel like such a meanie, but until they learn to chew with their mouth closed there will be no eating chips while I sleep. 


Brenda Maas said...

Too funny the "mapaches" eating the chips. Have fun teaching them some manners lol. As to the cockroach, yucky. Maybe time to fumigate?
As to the rats, are there no cats in your neighbourhood? I have never seen a rat in our 'hood. I have seen dead ones in other places though. Another yuck to them.
I have read that rats and cockroaches will survive every catastrophe known to mankind.
Shrimp prices have risen a lot this year as the catch is way down, here anyway and sounds like it is the same there. Over fishing.
We bought those moveable counters with shelves instead of real cupboards; but because we have SO much dust I put curtains around them which helps a bit. Then bought a pantry cupboard with doors.
Unless you don't have much dust I would suggest doors on your dish cupboard. So much nicer not having to wipe dust off of all your dishes before using them each time.
Sounds like you are having a blast. Very cold here in Guaymas yesterday and today, we are freezing. Cold front from the USA BRRR

Contessa said...

Shrimp is up in price as the farmed shrimp have a disease and more of the ocean shrimp are being sold to the US and other places to replace it leaving us with less shrimp and higher prices.

Please email where you get shrimp on the Isla?