Thursday, April 11, 2013

The long road home

My first stop in Canada is Edmonton where I get to spend some time with my child and my grandchild, my child is camera shy but her little man is not....

Grandma...look at all my teeth I got while you were gone and thank-you for the t-shirt from Arizona .... my grandma shops at airports instead of Wal-mart 
 Then there was a long long drive home.....8 hours of it.

it even snowed on us.....this is how it looks all the way...not very scenic, rather boring

....still on the road

...still on the road

pumpjacks in the sunset.....are we there yet?

after a lovely sleep in my bed, I woke up to see this...more snow than I have ever ever had in my front yard...and the backyard....ever

the roof on my greenhouse collapsed 

Spend 31/2 hours chipping and digging my car out of the snow

had to go to the shop on my snow shoes to get a battery charger and extension cord

by now I was super annoyed at all the snow but once on my snow shoes......all was well, there is something so surreal about going where no one has gone....untouched snow so pure, clean and white....almost like holy ground. It's such a thrill for me....almost like a high

ah  yeah...back to my car to finish the job, it must have snowed sideways here all winter, it was packed underneath and around my wheel wells. Once I got it out I had to take it to the car dealership and they took all the tired off and washed the ice out and re balanced them....a bit of a pain in the behind it was.

she was packed right year I will back her in making it easier to get out
Stay tuned for some snow shoe adventures, clearly we won't be getting on the golf course anytime soon....should have stayed on the back of that Harley in Phoenix a bit longer.


Anonymous said...

Better yet, another month on the isla;)

Anonymous said...

Oh my! What a difference from the Isla! Wow.

Is that you or your daughter with the baby?

Thanks for the peak into Canada!


Mary Klassen said...

awww, that would be me with my grandson, my daughter is much much cuter than me, one of these days I will sneak her photo on here.
Yes, If the nearest international airport wasn't an ugly 8-hour drive away I would have hopped on a plane back to the Isla.

Contessa said...

Your grandkid is so cute!!

That snow is something else. Definitely a late start to the golf season.