Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"at least it's always sunny"

When you live in Northern Alberta you are an expert at complaining about the weather.....we all do it...all the time. We have extreme weather, we can get extreme heat from 40C (rare, but it happens) to (-40C, not as rare as 40C)  and we get everything in between. However, we always console our-selfs with this statement "at least it's always sunny". It can be a bitterly cold day...but, it will be sunny. Up here you need a good pair of sunglasses all year round or you will go blind. 

second to my flip flops these are my favorite pair of snow. 

there will be spring...just not yet
that's the top of a picnic table or....the door to Narnia?

wind ripples in the snow....sort of like sand ripples on the beach .....but not.

I dare you to try to be out here without sunglasses...

A tiny little spruce reaching for the sun

My future is looking so bright I wear sunglasses evreyday

Easter eggs? Nope...moose poop

ops...wipe out

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Contessa said...

Great shots Maria. Never saw moose poop before.