Wednesday, February 20, 2013


on my way back from the airport to drop off some friends my Mexican cousin and I stopped at his uncles farm and picked some limes....oh the smell in the truck was amazing the rest of the way home. We also got some sweet potatoes.

Another batch of bananas from my back yard

Mangoes from my mango usually don't see mangoes here until late April or May, I believe this tree is doing this just for me, because I am so annoyed with it

It's so massive and the Iguanas are using it as a mating place and as a step ladder into my garden

Every day I have to sweep up fallen leaves, it's a very messy tree and it is shading my garden too much. There have been some talk of trimming it back....a lot, seriously you can see this tree from 4 blocks away it's so tall.

I think it hears these talks and so it giving me mangoes to soften me

Bought 20 plants at the greenhouse a few weeks ago and you can't even tell, nothing is blooming like it should....see  how shady it is?
One in awhile there is one gardenia or one Hibiscus, but never more than one flower at a time 
My land lady invited me up to her house way up on the hill, she has a nice view of the Island

Beautiful and so quiet, If I would have taken a shot to the right more you would see the ocean

I am still eating fish almost everyday at the Old Bull

Roasting tomatoes and chilies for salsa, When I go home I will have salsa on hand everyday, once vegetables are roasted put them in a blender with a few pieces of garlic and some salt...lista!

I have been doing some knitting, a pair of socks for my Mexican sister and a hat for her son. 

"sunset" is a time of day here, when most of us pause and take in God's gift of  pure beautiful, a miracle really. 


Contessa said...

Love that mango tree, will come visit it. As to the flowers, you need fertilizer. Just put some of those horse pucks in a pail of water and start using that water once per week but be careful not to burn the plant.

Rob said...

nice! your readership is fishing for some more shots of your town. your streets, stores, friends and aquaintances. enjoy your posts!

Mary Klassen said...

Yes Contessa, my garden would benift from some horse cookies but my main problem is ants. I had 2 hibiscus plants that each had about 6 blossoms on it, almost ready to bloom and one night an army of ants came stripped it down. My Tio came and found their barracks and killed them, but a new colony always rises up somewhere.
Rob, I'll try to post some more picture...even if I'm not writing much. As much as I would love to share all my family and friends with you I am hesitate about posting pictures of people on the net. I'm sure some wouldn't mind but I know others would, so I try to photograph around people just to be safe.