Thursday, February 7, 2013

I think The "View from my Hammock" would be a better name for my blog, but then it wouldn't fit during the summer when I go back to Canada.....or I could hang a hammock up at the golf course under a tree...hummm. I'll think about changing it...maybe, must ponder this a bit longer.....from my hammock. We were open and ready for business at The Old Bull but had zero, we hung out in the hammocks all day and solved most of the worlds problems. We'll try again tomorrow.

to the right of my hammock 

To the left of my hammock

Straight ahead of my hammock 

Above my hammock.....I could get hit on the head with them cocos

because there is a coco tree growing through our palapa
The only ones on the beach today were us regulars.....

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