Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Getting there

Sorry for being absent for so long, I of course have many excuses as to why but I won't bore you with all of them, the biggest one being.....new laptop. Which means all my stuff isn;t where it used to be and some of my stuff isn't anymore at all. I don't do well with new stuff. Plus the key placement on the keyboard has all shifted over a wee bit which may not seem like much to the techs in the lab but in the real world it is like leaving the toilet seat up.....feels like a long drop doesn't it? 1 cm on the keyboard is really 1 foot in the real world, so I am learning to type all over again and finding the right picture to upload is like a game of hide and seek, and I was never good at seeking....hiding I can do very well....still looking for a Christmas present I bought for a friend 15 years ago.
Anyway here is a brief update;

- finished work, I am officially unemployed and it is a great feeling, the golf course is covered under a blanket of snow...I do have pictures, I do....but it's my turn to seek, be patient.
- big recycled sweater is almost done, I am knitting the neckline now, lesson learned on this one is "don't make up your own knitting pattern as you knit...have a plan".
- Louise is safe and snug in her winter home  with her 25 siblings  at first it looked like it might not work, they didn't really welcome her and she had that "I am a special town chicken attitude"  and was like..."where is my yogurt  and my daily hugs" but she is a trouper and adapts well to change and after a while blended right in, she's a country chicken now. She wears a pretty bracelet on her ankle so that in the spring I can identify her and have her back.
- As soon as I stopped spending time outdoors due to freakin winter, Bobbi the cat went home, I guess I am in his summer home as well, even the neighborhood animal are adapting to my summer winter schedule.
- My suitcase is packed, my house was "fall cleaned" my cars are parked, my banking stuff is done, I am ready for doing my taxes (always the first thing that needs doing when I come home) Had all my little good bye visits, other people moved into my house.
- Went snow shoeing one time, was lucky, we had a huge dump of snow, as annoying as that was I was happy to get to go out on my snow shoes.
- Then I hit the road south.....am hanging out on Edmonton with some family and one very cute grandson....photos coming.
- On November 12 I fly outa this wintery country to my beloved Island....oh happy day. If this makes you sad don't worry you can all come via the internet.


Brenda Maas said...

Have a great trip.

Dean Wylo said...

So glad you're back! Cannot wait for your posts from Mexico!

Travel safe,


Contessa said...

I also hate new things, too much time wasted having to relearn things and re adapt.

We won't drive onto the Isla until mid day Nov. 23 so don't use up all the sun and the heat.