Sunday, September 30, 2012

Casa de Renta

I am doing a little commercial for a friend. My friend Yazmine Ibarra Moreno along with her husband and some other family members have spent the last few years building this rental complex/duplex, It is finished except for some future plans of some landscaping and some other upgrades that will come in time. Now it needs to earn it's keep and is ready for rentals. There are two units in here, the one on the left is a cute little studio and on the right a very spacious 2 bedroom unit. Let me give you a tour. 

\Lets start with the little one bedroom studio

Little kitchen in the one bedroom, fridge, microwave, stove and little oven

little bedroom, with the bathroom on the left

Here is the 2 bedroom

very spacious kitchen and living room

master bedroom
nice closets

one of the biggest bathrooms I have ever seen in Mexico

The second bedroom has 2 single beds in it

lots of space

Nice big fenced in yard, I'm sure someone can find you a hammock to hang so you can relax and listen to the ocean

There is a washing machine on the front patio as well. All furniture in both units are new as is all bedding. This complex is one block in from the beach, so while you do not have a beach view you are across the street from the ocean (you can see it from the entrance) and you can hear the ocean from inside. I Love falling asleep to the sound of the ocean, I've given up the beach view this year but I can still hear it all day long. This is a great way to live in the middle of a Mexican neighborhood and experience very day Island life and still have all your luxury amenities that you are accustomed too, like hot showers, running water and a washing machine ect..Good good food is just a short walk away. The 2 hotels are just a 3 minute walk from here, you could also go eat there. My house is also a 3 minute walk away, and I know where the good food is, I have made that my business.
To get more information and for prices you can call Yazmine at 9-81-90-15 ...or  9-81-93-15 or 66-91-41-59-90...
She also has a facebook page under Casa de renta  Please don't ask me for prices, if you are serious give her a call, she does speak quite a bit of English, if you have a problem understanding each other I will assist in any way I can but I don't want to be in the middle of pricing negotiating. 


Contessa said...

I have linked this on my blog. Hope it rents well.

Contessa said...

Hey when do you get to the Isla this year??

Mary Klassen said...

Contessa, I am arriving on November 12, 6 more sleeps.