Sunday, June 3, 2012

Where have I been and what have I been doing that was so important that I neglected you all?...notice how I an pretending my followers (all 4 of them) haven't gotten tired of seeing nothing new and didn't all move on to better and more funner blogs. I haven't gone anywhere (I can't go anywhere during golf season silly) but a lot had happened. 
I came back from Mexico with my brain all scattered, it was a mess. (the thoughts in my brain, actual brain is fine) so much was going on and still is but now I have a better handle on things. 
Lets start with my knitting, remember back in Mexico I was working on some baby things, I was holding out on you all. I have become "Miss Grandma", my one and only child had a baby boy, meet my grandson Loucas John born May 03 weighing in at 7 lbs 6oz, we weren't expecting him until May 16th. He looks exactly like my baby did 23 years ago except mine was wearing pink. 

Good thing I had started my knitting in Mexico this winter. 
As soon as I got home I went back to work, which I don't write much about because that is not what this space is for but I do like to post pictures once in awhile, I like to call them "The view from my office". So here are a few shots from my office

I think this will be the year of the Saskatoon they bloomed like I have never seen before. 

We even had some heat already

I even got to see a sunset, I don't usually see them here, I got to bed too early, but I see every sunrise. 

I feel in love with salads, yes salads. There is a restaurant in Mazatlan called "Mi Terreza" They serve an amazing salad (can't remember what they call it) but here is the recipe;
2 kinds of lettuce
raisins & crasins (cranberries)
pecans & almonds
red cabbage
alfalfa sprouts
and if you want topped with grilled chicken breasts
This is a salad that even non salad eaters love, trust me, I have a friend that does not order a salad in a restaurant ever, he's from Texans, those boys down there eat a cow at every meal and he is one that recommended this to me. I change it up with whatever I have in the fridge and whatever crunch I can find, nuts, seeds, a handful of trail mix and I toss it with oil and vinegar and a wee bit of plain is the key, do NOT pour your dressing on the salad in your salad bowl, put the salad in a big bowl and shake it up, mixing it real good then serve in your bowl.....I know, now you have a big bowl to wash, trust me it will be worth it and only mix what you will be eating, do not put salad with dressing on it in the will just not thrill you as much the second time around at all.
Oh I also put dry cottage cheese on it if I have. 

I can't wait until I have fresh produce from my garden

It is so good it needs wine....all really really good food needs wine. 

Then came some more excitement.......chickens, yes I finally have chickens in my back yard and this thrills me too, I am in love with them. Meet Thelma & Louise. 

I can't tell them apart, they are both so beautiful 

This is their home, still needs some painting and some finishing touches
These ladies figured out what they were to do as soon as they arrived. They got dropped off at 11 am and by 1 pm there were 2 eggs in the nesting box and since then they have faithfully given me 2 eggs every day. I am so in love with them. Every evening I sit on the grass in front of the coop and do my yoga stretches, they think I am pretty funny.  I am amazed at how they react to every sound, they have very keen hearing. A few nights ago I was in bed already and all of a sudden they were mad, making loud clucking and screeching noises so I jumped out of bed and ran outside in my pajamas and found a cat trying to figure out how to get in the coop, the ladies were some mad, one was upstairs screeching and the other was downstairs screeching, as soon as I chased the cat away they calmed down instantly, poor things, had such a fright. This has happened a few more times since and it's always a cat. You see cats can run around town but I have been told that if my chickens ever get out of my yard I will be made to get rid of them. I was supposed to call the fire chief to come and inspect my "housing" for them after I had it built, I have no idea what he will be checking for, why is it that dog and cat houses don't get checked? I still need to call him, I haven't done that yet. Once they will let me pick them up and come when they are called I will let them out when I am outside so they can wander around. They do let me touch them if I corner them and they have no choice but I want them to want to be touched and cuddled....yes I want to cuddle my chickens. 

The bounty from my garden so far....and some spinach
As if that is not enough excitement a package came all the way from Mexico, thanks to family and friends I had some stuff sent up that didn't fit in my suitcase. 

A Spanish Colonial high chair made of some type of hard wood, this is a very heavy chair. I love the leather seat. 

Some rat tail chilis, cinnamon sticks, coco beans, and Cardamon seeds, I also had sent me some pottery and  vintage cotton sheets...forgot to take a picture, it was a bit like Christmas because I had forgotten what was in the box. 

Then I spent a few Saturdays painting a friends bus, she owns a greenhouse and needed a bus to transport her plants up north (yes more north than this) As soon as she said she wanted to paint it lime green I knew it was a job for me, I can't resist a pail of lime green paint...that is just how I am. It is not done yet so you are only getting a peek.

Who could resist this? When I opened this I went "wooo" Stunning it was. 
That's all for now, I have more to say but now I must go say good night to the ladies and do my yoga for them. 

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Contessa said...

Welcome back Gramma!! Congrats. The high chair is just perfect, beautiful in fact. You have been a busy girl, love the chickens. Right now I envy your life so much, mine is mucho loco!