Monday, June 18, 2012

chickens, tequila, and of course cake

Aren't they cute, I love them. There is an advantage to having 2 backyard pet chicken to having a whole coop full on the farm, you can spoil them....yup, they love treats and I am having fun experimenting with different treats to see what excites them most. Right now the winner is yogurt, they get so excited that they have it all over their faces, of course they won;t let me wash their faces yet. I put some oats in the yogurt so they have something to grab it with since I don't trust them with spoons, they keep their coop way too messy, I would never get them back...just kidding. The also love spinach, so I have planted extra for them. I can tell them apart now, that's Thelma on the left and Louise on the right, Louise is a little bigger and Thelma is a little friendlier....and  they both love yogurt.

So I am reading farmer porn now too.....I know...geek

I am still loving my little cake pan that I brought back from Mexico, I love making a little cake, who wants to eat a whole huge cake? Who wants cake all week? A nice little Sunday cake is so fun and you don't have to live with it for a whole week.....especially  if you share it with a friend.

I am still knitting for the little grand boy, another little baby sophisticate, (I call it a little old man sweater) pattern is here www.ravelry.cpatterns/om/patterns/library/baby-sophisticate. I also had to make him little pants and then had to make dad a matching tie and pocket handkerchief because I am a geek and can't stop myself. So...I went to the store and bought a tie (they are not cheap) and ripped it apart so I could use it for a pattern....seriously, once I had this idea in my head I couldn't stop myself, but isn't it adorable? Think about it....the impossibilities, you could make your husband a tie out of the same fabric as your cute, or as your little girls dress...cuter yet hey. If you want to borrow my ripped up tie for a pattern let me know....don't buy one they are not cheap.

I also finished another project, that "Bloomin Bus" is done, and it is one hot bus if I say so myself.

It really needs chrome wheels and bumpers doesn't it?

We have had many promises of rain but no rain to speak of, last weekend we got 6mm, barely a 1/4 inch, it wet the ground but just left us thirsting for more.

It was all rain.

Look who came to visit me at work, the little ol' man himself, a sweet little pea he is.

In amongst work and all my other geeky shinanagins that keep me busy I do get lonesome for Mexico quite a lot, not because I am not happy here just because ..... just because, when that happens I put on my blingy jeans that I bought there, crank up some Anna Gabriel and dance in my living room and drink tequila. The picture doesn't really do them justice but I warn you, should a bright light or the sun hit my butt in these jeans I could blind you....don't follow too close.

Of course I don't dance while drinking tequila.......that would get messy.


Anonymous said...

My God how I love your posts! And that boy? Gorgeous. Both of you, actually.

Thanks for writing.


Contessa said...

So now can see we are going to be having chickens just down the road on la Isla....marvellous I say. You sure don't look like any gramma I know!! I am so missing Mexico....such a strong pull right now.