Monday, November 14, 2011

Sunday morning

I get ready for church, I find one wrinkle free outfit, I have new black flip flops with some rhinestones on them, my toes nails are polished, my hair looks good too, soft and shiny, it must like the water. I realize that my bible is in storage, I will go without, moments later I walk past a mirror, my hair is all frizzy, I put on a hairband, Maybe I'll cut it short again. I dodge the horse poo on the road trying to get to church with clean toes, it doesn't happen, I arrive with dusty toes, shoes and sweating, it's so hot already. Everyone is sombre, a member of the congregation died last night, I don't get all the details, there is a new pastor giving the message, someone passes me a bible, I manage to follow along.*
After church I go to leave, I am summoned back, we follow 2 funeral home vans, I am assuming we are going to the deceased home to pay our respects to the family, my black pants feel like they are on fire. I'm not sure what is expected of me, I follow my friends. We arrive at the home, some members of the congregation stand back and don't go into the house, I join them. I say a silent prayer for the family, my headband hurts my head. I see Nina, we embrace, she cries, I say " I'm sorry" my heart breaks for her, I don't know how she is related to the deceased. I wait until I see others leave and hope it's appropriate to leave, I don't know whats expected, I hope they will have some grace for me if I am not doing the right thing. My pants are still on fire, a tractor and trailer of tourist pass me, they are my frizzy hair I'm sure. I'll never be a lady. There is a dead cockroach lying on his back on my kitchen floor when I get back. I open the fridge to get some yogurt and the side shelve inside the door falls off and my flaxseed oil hits the floor and spills all over, nice. I'm hungry but not for yogurt, maybe I'll go buy a chicken. As I get ready to head out I hear the produce truck, I run out, he is new, I don't know him. His papaya is rotten and so is the cantaloupe, I buy some tomatoes, his last avocado, 2 bananas and some limes, I'll buy some tostadas and make guacamole for lunch tomorrow. I see my thermometer that is hanging in the shade under my palapa shows 26C. I head off to the chicken place still wearing my hot black pants. Same people at the chicken place, I order 1/2  a BBQ chicken and sit down to wait. I chat with 2 ladies from church, we watch the chickens run around under the tables and the grill, one lady asks me which one I want, we laugh. A man walks up and waits at the second counter, no ones acknowledges him, he awaits. A boy on a motor bike pulls up with 2 plastic shopping bags full of raw beef, he has a harpoon pierced through his ear lobe, a lady takes the meat from him, she walks away and he waits to get paid. Man at the other counter says to no one in particular "do you have any ceviche?" no one answers him, he waits, no sign of impatience or annoyance on his face. Harpoon boys waits. My friends food is ready, they leave. "do you have any ceviche?" again, girl at the grill looks under the counter and says "no" she hesitates a bit and yells towards the house "grandma, someone wants ceviche". Grandma is sitting on a chair, says "ok" but doesn't get up. Man leans against counter and is watching traffic go by. A little girl knocks all the plastic cups off the counter onto the ground, her mother gathers them up from under the table and shoos a curious chicken away. Harpoon boy goes next door and buys himself an ice cream, no one is in a hurry, no one is annoyed. Grandma gets up and goes into the house and comes back with a container of ceviche and serves the man at the table, he looks happy, she gives harpoon boy his money, he drives away with one hand, ice cream dripping from the other. My chicken is ready, I ask for a glass of horchata as well, she pours it into a plastic cup, they have no lids, I ask or a fork and knife, they don't have any, will a spoon do. "yes" I now have a precious spoon. I manage to not spill my horchata on the way home. At the next corner I notice a business transaction, a boy hands over money to 2 other boys carrying pails, one boy hands over a pail...of fresh fish. I like it here. A few men are setting up band equipment at the cantina, I remember it's Sunday, the only day for live music, they stop playing at 10 pm, I like it here, you can party it up and still be home in bed at 10 pm. Back at my house 23 horse are trying to get shade out of one tree, there is a lot of poop, my pants are stuck to me like glue, I may as well keep them on as I don't think I can get them off, my thermometer says it's 28C now, it;s 1:30pm, my wind chimes have not made any noise yet at all. I start looking for a hammock, I find a sewing machine. A cowboy rides up with 10 saddled wet and sweaty horses, a lady takes them into her yard and unsaddles them and sends them back out, they immediately roll around in the sand/dust and huddle under the tree. Soon I find an ironing board, no iron yet.

* The message today as I understood it; It was about the importance of reading the bible. The word of God is essential to your walk with God. If you are not applying the word of God to your life you are not walking with God. If you are not continually reading the bible you don't have the word of God written on your heart, you are walking lost in the dark, no sun, just darkness. Think of the word of God as the sunrise, it comes everyday, there has to be a sunrise in order for there to be light, but yet the sunrise is not spectacular every day, It doesn't wow you everyday, but every once in awhile it is spectacular and it can stop you in  your tracks and take your breathe away and cause you to look up in awe. That is like the word of God if you read it everyday, some days you will feel like you don't get anything out of it but if you keep reading God will choose the time and the right words and you will be moved, to do something, to change something, or to learn something, a light will go on and It will be spectacular and it will be just for you.....just like the sunrise.
This is what I got out of the message this morning, not saying this is what he said.

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Good post depicting life on the Isla.