Sunday, November 20, 2011

A quick geocach and some other stuff

I decide it's time to attend church on the mainland to see some people I haven't seen since last winter. Shoes are a problem this morning, Flip flops have worn a hole between 2 toes (this will heal soon) I take the beach route to the dock so I can soak my toes in the salt water. All of a sudden I smell coffee, real coffee, not instant, who has real coffee at this hour?, restaurants are all closed, I look for movement somewhere, nothing. I almost whimper out loud at the thought of real coffee. At the dock I put my flops back on, I hate shoes. I am lucky there is a boat waiting at this end, Captain is eating breakfast, he jumps up to help me (was I looking lame?) I tell him I'm in no hurry (I always factor in some grace time when heading in), he says no we'll go now, I am the only passenger, he spills his coffee. It's warm out, I enjoy the ride, different than last year. The docks are busy in the morning, fishing boats coming in to unload. Because I am lame I wait for a bus, I am the only passenger again (not for long). I check my hair, oh my gosh, 4 barrettes and a hair clip can't contain the frizz, must get hair cut soon. It's hot, always feels hotter on the mainland, must be the concrete. I notice the bus takes a different route, must mean the malecon is closed, must be a parade, maybe a holiday, or maybe both. Soon I see dancers and little Mexican revolutionaries everywhere, military, police,'s a parade. We take a detour, this is why I always factor in some grace time, you never know. My stomach is growling at me, will not have time to have breakfast now, I pick up a croissant at Panamas, I imagine how much butter is in there, I like butter, I wish I had time to pick up a coffee, croissant with coffee, oh how good that would be. I don't have time. I get to church, friendly faces everywhere, but so many people, so many. I think I have lipstick on my neck.They serve coffee but have no cream, I suffer quietly, not really, I'm being dramatic. I end up with too many lunch invites, wonderful friendly people here. I am so blessed. I have 45 minutes to burn before Spanish service starts, I splurge and pay 36 pesos for a Vanilla Cappuccino, give me a break, I heard about a guy that paid 100 pesos for a lime squeeze the other day.(just saying is all) I stop at a drug store and splurge again and pay 46 pesos for a bar of soap, it was a forgotten item on my list the other day, this hood is way outa my budget, but it said "aroma de seduccion pasion espanola" on the box, you don't need Spanish to know that this soap should get me some.....good smellin cleanliness, it better, for 46 pesos. I also buy some Vanilla, will make my own Cappuccinos from now on. I wish I had my croissant now, I feel I wasted it. More familiar friendly faces at Spanish Service, the worship takes me deeper, I don't want to stop, neither do they, it takes longer. I don't stay for the message, I have friends waiting. We go on a geo cache hunt. What's that? Check it out This is new for me, we actually find it, is's been tampered with, or the wind got it. We walk down the malecon, craziness everywhere, there is an airshow going on, a free show and the reminisce of a parade. I smell sweat and sunscreen and think of my hoochy soap, I am so thirsty, coffee is so dehydrating, I should stop drinking it. I feel bad for all the babies and little children that had no choice but to come out today, when babies are crying they are not having fun anymore, take them home. I am so thirsty. My toes don't hurt anymore. We find a nice place to eat, I have fish, Dorado, and a cold Pepsi, in a plastic bottle....they had nothing in glass, except beer, wasn't that desperate yet. Food was great, service was great, the company was awesome. I take a bus to the docks. I walk home bare foot on the beach, once home I throw my flops in a corner, have a glass of orange juice, check my messages, Head back to the beach for my sunset walk, I walk past my old house, the tanaka is overflowing with water, I laugh, remember me writing about my water issues last year? I holler "your tanaka is overflowing" he already noticed and is coming to turn it off, he laughs, says "it;s not the first time or will it be the last", it's running water all right, it runs and you run after it. I walk the beach and feel like I am the luckiest person alive, but I know it's not luck, Jesus loves me and He has blessed me. I feel like jumping in the ocean again, all these years here and I have never once jumped in. As I walk past my old house againvon my way home I see the second tanaka is overflowing, dude comes to shut it off, he laughs, he says "I am getting it figured out, I have it on a timer now, I just need to remember the time" yup, I had the same system, you remember the time when you hear that water is hitting the ground somewhere, I miss that quirky place. I wonder if he still has to pour a bucket of water into the toilet to flush it, maybe he fixed it, men do that...fix stuff. I forget to get my feet out of the tide for bit before coming off the beach, now they are wet, all the horse poop on my street sticks to them, oh well, I have a soap for that now. Soon after I get home the lights start flickering, I find some candles, just in case we loose electricity. I hear the wind chimes chime, I run out real quick, there is a slight breeze, I want to dance in it, then I remember white girls can't dance....or was that jump? I put water in my kettle in anticipation of my cappuccino tomorrow morning, I try to remember if I am supposed to be anywhere tomorrow, I don't think so. The dessert truck doesn't come today.

Bliss 2011

I'm in the water

My favorite spot to watch the sun setting

The boat is literally sailing into the sunset

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Contessa said...

MAry what a great blog and the photos are fantastic. Are we on the same beach?