Friday, February 4, 2011

The Stone Island Freeway

The beach in front of my house is busy busy everyday with all kinds of traffic. I never get tired of just sitting and watching the traffic go by.
Farmer guy

Fisherman guy

Dud with the horses

Another farmer delivering a water tank somewhere

Even a loader

Cowboy taking his horses to work (horse got to work here too)

.....and coming home from work

and he loses the pony again, poor little guy can't keep up and then when he loses sight of them he cries and runs in circles. Cowboy never looks behind him until he gets home I think. He comes back towing the mare and the reunion is so beautiful I almost tear up.

One day cowboy decided mare and pony need a bath

I was surprised to see them jumping the waves. I thought the little guy would get knocked over but he stuck close to mama, this was not their first bath in the ocean

All clean.....then cowboy jumps on mare and tears up the beach kicking up a sand storm....what good was the bath? 

A crab slowly slowly going somewhere.

And so it goes all day long. The other day the police got stuck on the beach (I didn't have my camera) It took about 10 guys pushing and grunting to get them out. One guy came with a wooden ladder to put under the tires as traction, they also used what looked like body boards under the tires. One day I saw 2 kids on a quad, one was facing the front and steering and the other was facing the back and holding to the handles of a wheelbarrow that was bouncing along behind full of coconuts. Last weekend Eli from Benji's Pizza catered to 80 golfers at the Estella Del Mar Golf course (3 miles up the beach). He loaded his stove up onto his truck and drove up the beach to the golf course......I wasn't home, I missed this. These people are never stuck, there is always a way to get something from one place to another. I passed a guy on the street today carrying a wooden bed on his back, later he passed me again carrying the mattress on his back. Very resourceful people.  

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