Friday, February 4, 2011

A brief look at my winter in High Level, Alberta

It was frosty and cold of course

but I still managed to get out and do some snow shoeing 
On a sunny day the snow can be almost blinding

Living up north you soon learn that sunglasses are a year round necessity  
Don't think you can buy these anymore, I love them
Went camping up north .... yes there is more north than me. I Like to go on a  camping trip to Hay River  just before Golf season starts, once golf season starts I usually don't get to leave town.
My little cabin that I rented for 5 days
It has everything that I needed
I brought some books
and a box of wool....and no, I did not get that much wool kitted up
This is how much snow there was, that is the top of a picnic table....or the door to Narnia
The falls were frozen but still beautiful.
and once back at home
there was some baking.......

Some giant pretzels 

Some croissants with cheese inside

and of course always bread

My new to me beater

There was some sewing........

and some pretty pillowcases

some new summer pajamas, I still haven't mastered taking pictures of myself

and a some new cotton hand towels and wash cloths

I took a moccasin making I need another hobby

There was some fun sewing....aren't they a cute couple.

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