Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December 02/09

Laundry day came and went yesterday, once again I found it to be a very relaxing experience, it is such a sense of accomplishment when it is all back in the house washed, dryed and folded. It also smells so good, a mixture of the wind and the sea and I do tend to go a Mexican with the fabric softener as well. I met a Mexican man once that told me that most men work mainly to keep fabric softener in the house......they looooove fabric softener.
Another thing that they love are Emperador cookies, tea is always had with cookies here. The cookies are nothing special, we have them at home as well, I believe the same cookie but with a different name.....I can't remember the name, rarely rarely would I ever buy cookies at home, but for some reason as soon as I get here I have to buy them to have with tea. They are just the plain regular cookies with icing in between, usually available in chocolate, vanilla or the Oreo cookie. They only come in a package of 8 here (like everything else, no big packages) which is a good thing for me. I ate a whole package yesterday, just because it had been 10 months since I had any. Don't really have an excuss for the package I ate today, I'll think of one for tomorrow's.
Did I mention I am right next to the RV park? ok....I'm right next to the RV park and they got 4 more campers today, 2 with Alberta plates, haven't meet them yet. The manager told me I could use their library anytime I wanted, I will sure will check it out yet. I'm pretty well set for books for a bit yet. I'm reading "The Silver Chalice" by Thomas B. Costain, lately I've been into books writen by people that have long been dead. Just finished reading "Anna Karenina" by Leo Tolstoy, I was surprised that I really got into it, I had always thought Mr Tolstoy was just for people with an ancient literature degree, turns out he was just as normal as anyone.....and a good writer, I really liked it and will keep my eye open for more of his books.
Today was fairly unevenful, I just sat around and cranked my neck this way and that way spying on all my neighbours and all the traffic going by. Dud in the trailer park came with his jeep and loaded up his tree stump and took it home to work on, hope I get to see his finsihed art. There were horses running all over the place today, I have no idea why they are so busy galloping by here. Cowboy with the mare and little foal were heading home down the beach when I went for my daily sunset walk and he hasn't slowed down yet and the poor little guy was way behind and crying again, am I am going to have to have a talk with the dud? And the funniest thing this morning, a horse pulling a wagon with a guy on it wearing a cowboy hat and a cowboy shirt unbuttoned all the way with shirt tail flapping in the wind, barefoot in sandels, galloping by at top speed and he was holding a surf board....a long board, a cowboy surfer?.....and what was the rush?
I managed to score a few coconuts which will be great in my morning fruit smoothie, but I don't have a macheti yet so I might have to flag down a cowboy tomorrow morning to open one.
I still don't have a shower in my bathroom, I have 3 toilets and 2 sinks but no shower, Nina was going to have someone come manana, and then they were supposed to come manana and they have still not come. Today her cousin came to check on me and was surprised that I still didn't have a shower, he said he would take care of it......manana.
I thought I made a video today for you all, I thought I did pretty good walking around my little casita, I even narrarated it really nice but when  I went to view it I couldn't find it on my camera....I guess I was just walking around talking to my camera with nothing being recorded. I really should read that big fat book that came the camera some day.
The guy with shrimp truck came by today, I am having friends over for a big shrimp fry on my outdoor stone BBQ on Saturday so I didn't buy any today because I want them to be fresh. Hope he comes by again Friday ro Saturday morning otherwise I have to go hunting for him, I might buy some scallops as well....hope my scallop guy hasn't moved from last year.
It looked like there were lots of tourists here today, lots of horseback riders anyway and a lot of people out in banana boats this afternoon. Cruise ships have been coming in a little more regularly now since the HINI scare has settled down a little. I guess business had been pretty skimpy here for awhile, first the reccession scare and then the flu scare really hurt things here. Ahhh but they can't scare me away! I'm here for the cookies!

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