Monday, November 30, 2009

A weird day

This morning started off like every morning will...I hope. A beautiful sunrise, me having coffee in my sunporch waiting for Salvador (fruit/grocery guy), I planned on having eggs and toast for my second breakfast. Because I get up so freakishly early I have to have 2 breakfast, the first one is usally just fruit and yogurt, the second one required something more substanial, like eggs and toast. Aside from having fruit and vegetables Salvador also has other nessessities like eggs, bread, beans, rice salt, tostadas, corn husks, and sugar. I really never have any need of going to the grocery store excpet for creama and coffee and meat. He arrives right on time and I get my eggs and bread and as I am frying up my eggs it starts to rain...seriously, unheard of this time of year. It rained for a bit and then stopped for a bit and then it poured for a few hours. As I sat under my palapa (it does keep the rain out) I watched as 3 guys were fishing with a net,(Peter, James,and John?) I've seen them out there before, it is pouring rain and they are in the water up to their necks dragging their net in and out, I would have stayed home but they were very faithful fisherman. Not sure how bountiful the catch was. The horseman came with his horses but he must have been sent home for lack of tourists, it didn't take long and he was heading back, little guy was still galloping alongside. During this pouring rain I decided a hot cup of tea would be nice and then found out I had no electricity, I just can't seem to have all my utilities working at once, so I fired up my nice BBQ and kept a fire long enough to heat up a cup of water for tea. I am reading a book a friend gave me on Sunday called "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society" by Mary Ann Shaffer/Annie Barrows, not a book I would have picked up but it has kept me intertained all day, I'm almost done. Every once in awhile I have to jump up and see whats going on, horses going by, 2 duds on a motorbike with a young horse on a lead rope running alongside, I was going to go to the store for cheese and tortillas (Salvador does not have cheese and tortillas) but the road is a mucky mess from the rain and I don't have rubber boots or any shoes other then flip flops, then I see a guy walking by barefoot, when you don't have the right footwear wear none I guess. I stayed home, I'm too busy spying on the guy living across from me (kind of kitty corner form me ) he has his door open and is sitting in front of the doorway painting a pictures, he probably has no electricity like me and has to sit in the doorway for light. I decide I must meet him and see what he is painting, but not today in the rain. I am not the only one that keeps busy with weird activities, there is a guy from the trailer park who has found a big tree stump that must have been uprooted during the storm, it's about 6 feet tall and is all narly and has many cervices and knots in it and he sees that it can be a work of art so he works on it with a chisle and pick getting the ants out of it, can't have ant in your art. There is a restraunt up the beach that has an old worn out ugly sign and he feels that once he has this tree trunk looking all fancy and artsy he will donate it to them and they can put a new sign on it. So, you see we are all very busy being busy bodies.

The rain has stopped and the sun is peeking out once in awhile, might even have a nice sunset and the electricity is back on, painter guy has shut the door to his house, and I will go and find some supper before it gets dark and I have to stumble around in the puddles. Stay tuned for an exciting Tuesday....laundry day. I hope I still have water tomorrow because it has to be laundry day, I'm looking forward to using my fancy laundry facilities.
A little side note; my pictures are scattered all over because I can't seem to figure out how it is supposed to be done, I had this problem last year as well and never did figure it out. I also can't figure out how to put captions under them.

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