Sunday, March 2, 2008

Water Issues

We have water issues again and according to my Spanish and my very patient land ladies’ explanation to me a shark, a very large fish or a swimmer hit the water line (this just can’t be right) and they are trying to fix it. While they are fixing it we will be without water for 8 days and then we will have water for 5 days, this will continue until they have fixed it. During the 5 days with water I am to turn the valve (the one that is still leaking) on during the night so that my cistern can fill as there is no pressure during the day, in the morning I turn the valve off. So I now have a water schedule on my calendar. Lydia stopped by today and I would really have wanted her to confirm this with my land lady but she was not home and of course as soon as she had left Senor Papa showed up, he reiterated the valve on at night and off during day but seem confused when I asked him about the 5 days on and 8 days off.....I’ll find out I guess.

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