Sunday, March 2, 2008

Spanish is Coming along

I know I always complain about my Spanish not coming along as fast as I would like it too but it really isn’t that bad, I am just impatient and get very frustrated when there is something that I just can’t do. I can usually get my point across if needed. About a week ago, maybe a bit longer (I tend to lose track of the days) I locked my keys in my apartment (I know, just brilliant I am) my landlady had not been around for a few days and I had no idea how long she would be gone. Her father (Senor Papa) usually checks in on me about once a day, but I had not seen him that day and did not know where he lived. So I just started walking, this place is not that big and I knew I was bound to run into him or see his little truck somewhere or I might run into landlady’s brother or her niece. I found Senor Papa at the docks, turns out he works there, not sure what he does there or what all the other men do there that hang out there all day long. I was able to tell him what I had done and I didn’t even need too many words to explain after I made that sound to know the sound you make the second the doors slams shut and you realize your keys are on the other side, and even though you know your keys are on the other side you immediately stick your hands in all your pockets looking for a miracle. You know you do that, we all do, anyway....that sound is universal and Senor Papa understood immediately what I had done and was able to help me out. Yesterday when I came back from Mazatlan I noticed that the water pipe in front of the house had a slow leak and I made a mental note to myself to let Senor Papa know the next day. By the way the saying “a mental note” is just that, a saying, it’s not an actual note at all, the note does not exist, so when Senor Papa came by in the morning to check the plants we had the same conversation we always have about the weather and then he went on his way. Later in the afternoon I saw the leak again and figured I better let him know because even though it is just a slow leak we are by now wasting a bit of water, so off to the docks I go but he is not there...hummmm. Beside the docks is a little restaurant that is run by a very friendly couple and I know that they know who I am renting from as the lady had introduced me to my landlady’s niece a few weeks ago.....everybody knows where I live by now. So I ask her if she knows where Senor Papa lives....of course she does, and I can even understand her directions. I find his house (turns out he lives close to me..hahah) but of course he is not home but I explain to his daughter (who lives with him) what the problem is. I’m getting a little smarter now, before I left the house I looked up some words, like pipe, beside, gate, leaking, and slowly, so that pretty well explains it, pipe beside gate leaking slowly. She promised to pass on the message when he returns from Mazatlan. Soon the man will think I am a pest, I hope I can leave him alone for a while now. On the way home I bought a cup of alote (corn with creama) it was only 12 pesos, it was 20 in Mazatlan...ripper offers I tell you. .....whoooo, the power just went out, it looks like the whole Island is dark (my laptop is running on its battery now) and is it ever dark. Good thing I had anticipated this and bought some candles when I first moved in.

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