Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The new WalMart Girl

Mexicans have a habit of asking personal questions when they first met you, it’s a cultural thing. Every Mexican I’ve encountered in the last 3 days has asked me where I’m staying, assuming I’m at a hotel. When I tell them I’m staying with a friend they want to know where, I don’t want every person in Mazatlan to know where I live so I try to skirt around the question without being rude even though I feel they are the ones being rude by asking all these questions. What I would like to tell them is “Not that it is any of your business but I live in Santos Tomas, which is near the Walmart” but I can’t say all that in Spanish so I say “WalMart”. Yup, I’m the WalMart girl, just like in the movie, “Where the heart is” I Just haven’t stolen anything. If I don’t find my own apartment soon I may just go live there. Lydia got a lead on a place that might be available on Stone Island, which is where I wanted to live in the first place, we were going to check it out tonight but now she has to go to a funeral tonight. Not that I don’t mind staying at Lydia’s, she has a beautiful town house in a very upper class Mexican colonia, it’s very clean and safe, we leave the door open all the time. I mean open open not just unlocked. It’s decked out like Candy Cane Lane, people here love Christmas decorations on their roof, there are men on the roofs all day long hanging lights and putting up those blow up things.....lots of blow up things. (Must come from WalMart) It’s a nice place but I would like my own place, just because. Here are some pictures taken in the day, they unplug the blow ups during the day and then they deflate, I’ll get some more pictures in the evening when everything is lit up.
......ok, only one picture, click on it to make it bigger if you want, and it's on top of the page not here on the bottom where it was supposed to be, I have to figure out how this works but for now this will do. This is a lot of work by the way so I hope you all appreciate this. I know I have a lot of grammar and spelling errors but I don't have time to worry about that if I want this to stay up to date.


sheryl said...

Keep the writing coming! I don't care about grammar or syntax or any of that stuff, just about you and your adventures.

I hope you find the Walmart bus again, but it will probably be after you are a hardened passenger!
Merry, merry Christmas and lots of hugs and love


Teresa said...

Mary, this is awesome! I love that you live at Walmart! :) Too funny!