Friday, December 7, 2007

A Funny Bus Story

I know eventually you are all going to get tired of hearing all about the wonderful bus system in Mazatlan, but I think I can get a couple more in before that happens. I had a meeting with the director of the English Teachers today downtown at a wonderful coffee shop that I will be visiting more often, but not too often as the coffee is 18 pesos...a little pricey for my budget. Anyway....when I finished I decided to have lunch on the beach, I hadn’t been to the beach yet at all...I know! I can’t believe it either. So I eat and sit on the beach and read a book for a bit and then decided to head home. So I do my whole “WalMart?” thing....I know! I should just memorize one sentence already...”is this the bus that goes to WalMart?” how hard can it be. He says “Si” I get we go. Halfway there I decide to change my plans, about 2 blocks before we get to WalMart is an office supply store where Lydia suggested I buy a serge protector so that my laptop does not blow up, so I decide I will get off there. Remember a few posts ago I said that these bus drivers pay special attention to all their passengers and their needs? You thought I was being sarcastic right? The bus stops very close to the office supply store and I decide to get off, bus driver does not let me off...nope...he points up ahead and says “fhjsfhjsaWalMart” and points to the closest seat wanting me to sit down, and closes the door, so I sit down. We go a little further...just past the store, he stops to let some other people on and I try to get off again, and he says “fhjshfjshfhWalMart” and points up ahead again, by now I can see the big WalMart sign, I so desperately want to say “oh but wonderful man, I changed my mind, I want to buy a serge protector at the store we just passed” but I can’ now a old man sitting in the front row has joined in and is also pointing to the seat wanting me to sit down and relax already...because we’re not there yet! ...I know that’s what he said. So I sit down....bus driver stops right in front of the main entrance and open the door, look at me and smiles and says “WalMart”. I smile and say “gracias” so now I don’t want the bus driver to see that I am not actually going into WalMart (I have no idea why that mattered to me) so I just stand there until I think he can’t see me anymore....(yeah, that looked so much better) From there I walked my 2 blocks to the store and back again....walking off my creama.’s all good.

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