Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Glamper restoration and some grandma time

My glamper was in good shape, but as soon as I started sitting on the seats the cushion covers all started ripping, the fabric was weak from years of sun damage and just age I think. So that meant off to the fabric store to get some fabric, normally this would have been fun, but I was still parked at a friend's place just outside Edmonton so that meant heading into the big bad city for fabric shopping. Over whelming. I had a picture in my head of what I wanted. I wanted a green and red pattern with some black in it. After visiting 2 fabric stores, one of them twice, I was done shopping, that is how much city shopping I can handle. So, my aunt gave me some fabric that she had in her closet and I bought a coordinating fabric for curtains and the solid yellow to match, that is how my glamper ended up being black  and yellow....totally not planned. Oh well, it's just fabric it can be changed, I will travel with a picture in my head and if I ever see it somewhere I can always buy it, that is how I like to shop.
Sewing cushions was not as easy as the Utube videos made it look, if I had made my own video of making these you would find it in the comedy section rated PG due to some language. With the help of some double sided tape, some good  old "speed sew" and many many quilting pins I managed to get it done, no close up photos will be allowed.

After cushions were done it all looked a little too dark (because of the black fabric) so I decided to paint the inside even though I am by nature not a interior painter. Turned out she needed 3 coats...ugh! 4 days of painting. I spray painted all hardware black and wanted to trim all the cupboards with black but after painting 2 doors I decided that it would look a little too much like a zebra but I had already started so now 3 doors have a black trim which I think is just enough to tie into the black fabric. Soon as I started painting I knew this would not be fun and like the song "like when in the back seat of a car there is a point when you have gone too far to turn back" that is how it is with painting. However I didn't have to go to work every day and I had no other commitments at this point so I painted in a meditative and prayerful state, which made it bearable and not entirely horrible, some Roy Orbision would have helped, but I haven't gone record shopping yet and this isn't  like Mexico where if you wait long enough things come to you.

Then I decided that she needed a new back splash and that required a very scary trip to Lowes and Home depo, thank goodness my aunt went with me or I would have stood at the door and cried like a 2 year old who had just lost his mommy just from the sight of floor to ceiling shelves full of stuff, and not your normal ceiling either. I thought of the poor people working in there, no sign of life for 8 hours, no daylight, no sun, not even a single peek of day light through a little window, no wonder they don't look happy. I told myself to always be nice to the staff in these places, each one of these people must be on the verge of having a breakdown of some kind. I did buy a backslash, and again not what I had envisioned, I wanted  the shiny chrome look, you know, like the bumper of a vintage car, again I had to compromise because I didn't want to go from store to store. Again, installing it required some jiggy jacking however I don't think there was any language this time, it did require an extra set of hands though.

In the end I bought a red/white duvet cover and red curtains for my bedroom, which some would say looks odd with the yellow but I don't care, I needed some bright red.

Next week is the big move.....to the place with no trees. I have found a farmer who has made a seasonal campground on his farm, it's cute, quaint and has other glampers on it as well. I have reserved a spot and bought a 24' ft deck with railings off of him that someone left behind, I will come with a trunk full of spruce seedlings, I doubt I will be there long enough to see them mature but that is not the point of reforestation, it is not about you, it is about the forest. I have taken trees and wildlife for granted all my life, never realized that so much until now. I have been here for 3 weeks already and have not seen one wild animal, you can't live for 3 weeks in the north without seeing some wild life. I'm blabbing on again about trees.....sorry. It is true what they say "sometimes you don't appreciate what you have until it's gone". Which means now I need  to appreciate what I have as well, this land, with no trees and it's winds, the wide and long hay fields, the bare valleys, I need to learn to appreciate 

Getting the lawn mower ready 

Gathering wood for our teepee

Petting the moss

Hay field with a pump jack

Pump jack.....

Wide open spaces

First cushion fail 

How to hug a tree with all your might


Barbara Lane said...

Oh I love the black and yellow fabric! Please show us the inside when the cushions and duvet are in place. Red/black/yellow go together, they surely do. I've fantasized about revamping an old camper so I'm living vicariously through you. Well I do when you're on the Isla as well. May 1st marked the twelve month countdown to when I can retire and head to Mexico. Meanwhile I look to you for inspiration and find it the perfect ticket. Once again I say muchas gracias.

Rob said...

They, of course, are all on the verge of having some sort of breakdown. We all are! haha jaja. your funny :)

Mary Klassen said...

yes I will post before and after pics of the glamper. Congrats on your almost retirement Barbara, can't wait to hear about your new adventures. I did at first think I might want to get into buying glampers and restoring them and then selling them but I now know that the running around from store to store to find the perfect stuff would do me in, Yes Rob we are ALL on the verge of some kind of break down at some point, mine happens when I am in these big stores.

Contessa said...

Gramma time is important. How else will he learn about trees and birds....