Thursday, March 12, 2015

We don't always party but when we do.....

We party like millionaires. 
It took the whole village.....but we had a party. A 9 year birthday party. 

The crust got cut off of 5 bags of bread for the ever present "pastel de atun" a Mexican party favorite (for me not so much)

A pinata got stuffed and hung.....actually 2 pinatas

A meter mong cake got brought across the water ferry, along with all the expected decorations 

one of the three pastel de atun platers

Can't have a party without jello cups

The party girl waiting for the guest, she was told "don't get dirty". Grandma made the party dress

Centre pieces were made the night before by the big sister. I saw some guests walk home with them too. 

A portable blue tooth speaker got borrowed, must have music WHAT?! I SAID "MUST HAVE MUSIC". 

A car pulled up with a trunk full of pots of corn

A truck came and unloaded the jump-o-leen  (this year we didn't blow the breaker"

Another pinata  and more balloons

Musical chairs off course WHAT!? I SAID MUSICAL CHAIRS.

And then, because it wasn't loud enough a Mexican boy band showed up

and happened. STOP THE MUSIC! EVERYONE STOP.  A girl dropped her sucker, it's always fun until someone losses their sucker in the sand. We found it. 

A good old fashion race.....

grandpa and grandma manned the taco stand

I was in the kitchen all day, which is how I like to be at a party, I like to have a purpose. Once the serving was done I slowly mingled my way to the outer edges and slowly slipped away into the dark beach. This is how I usually exit a party. Even in the other land. It was a good night.

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