Sunday, March 23, 2014

Shrimp... According To Bubba Gump

There is something so romantic about a shrimp boat. Maybe it's the Forest Gump movie, maybe it's because my idea of romance isn't very conventional, maybe it's the unknown that makes it romantic. Whatever it is, I have always wanted to get on board a shrimper. Shrimp season has just ended and there are about 100 shrimp boats docked/parked at the port. Since I have friends in high places I met up with them and we wandered around the port, and wandered, looking, looking, and peering into windows, wandered, pretending to be some kind of gringo boat inspectors, until we came across a gentleman that looked friendly (not that they didn't all look friendly) and we were invited on board. 
Although they all look like great big barrels of rust and are covered in pelican poop, the tour did not disappoint, they are beautiful mystic boats, and oh the stories they could tell I am sure could entertain us for a long time. Remember we are seeing these ships at their worst, they have just come in from being at sea for 6 months and from now until September they will get a servicing, a cleaning, and any repairs that are needed. There was plenty of action on the port, mechanics, welders, and other men that looked like they were doing important things. There is a whole world on this street, shops, stores, lame dogs, cats keeping the place rat free, kids running around, women carrying pots of food and wearing aprons, little restaurants, men laying in hammocks, men working, men sitting under a tree telling romantic shrimp stories I am sure. 
Shrimp boats are all parked in very snug, you can't tell where one ends and another begins, clearly the first one in is the last one out. As far as you can see....a mass of boats, each one with their own story. A story I would love to write, if I knew it. Which makes it so romantic to me. 

 Now I understand that they do not allow women on board, which is very evident, but I couldn't help but imagine how just a little help from a women with a sewing machine could spiff these rigs up a bit, imagine a few yards of red and white gingham fabric and some patterned wall paper, some red and  white stripped upholstery, not to mention a good scrubbing...which I am sure they will get now that they are parked. I didn't take a picture of the bathroom because I really didn't think you could all handle that, the bathroom was proof that there has never ever been a women on board. 

I love her.....I want one

This brings me to my favorite scene from forest gump


Contessa said...

That is so cool.

Rob said...

Grande fotos! What about the trip to Chihuahua?

Mary Klassen said...

it's up there now Rob, sorry for being so slow and thanks for sticking around and not giving up on me.