Sunday, December 22, 2013

Conversation with a 7 year old

She was sent up to the house to eat her supper, we had already eaten, she didn't want to eat alone and wanted me to sit with her, I went. Remember she is 7.

Her: it was a blessed day today wasn't it?

Me: It sure was, absolutely beautiful

Her: Do you like working for my mom?

Me: I sure do, we always have fun

Her: You and I have very good luck

Me: How so?

Her: You have a very good boss and I have a very nice teacher, we are both have very good luck

Me: Yes, you are so right

Her: Remember last year when I taught you how to make quesadillas?

Me: I sure do, they were good, you're going to be a good cook like your mom.

Her: It's such a shame you have to go home to Canada, but you have too because you have a family there, thats for certain.

Me: Yes I would miss my family very much if I couldn't go home

Her: Would be nice if they could come even just for a day so I could meet them, I could play with your grandson, I am very good with kids, I am only 7 and I am an auntie

Me: I know you would be a wonderful little companion for him, maybe someday they will come

Her: Do you want to play Barbie Dominoes with me?

Me: Tomorrow we will play Barbie Dominoes.

Her: I can teach you to read too

Me: ok, we'll do that too. (she knows her alphabet)

 All of us North Americans are here for a different reasons.

 Some are medical refugees (Americans), these are people that have high medical needs and have found that the medical here is cheaper and the medical services are more accessible than at home.

Others are tax avoiders', don't need to elaborate on that

Others came here a long time ago as draft dodgers and are now here illegally 

Others are here just because it is cheaper to live here than at home, mostly retirees, there are other places that are cheaper (Most Asians counties) but Mexico is easier to get too and faster to get home should an emergency occur.

Others are here to soak up the culture, artsy type people.

I sort of fall under the last category. I want to learn all about the Mexican people, I want to learn the language so that I can sit with the old timers under a mango tree and hear stories of how things used to be and how they have changed. I want to know why they do the things that they do. My roots are here, I am of the first generation in my family that was not born here, I feel I missed out. Call it research if you will. 

Can't help it that part of my research is swinging from a hammock on the beach chatting with my Mexican sister and eating shrimp all day, or playing Barbie dominoes with a 7 year old. Now if I can just find some government agency to give me some grant money for this study....sigh.

Now, I will admit that to the "average human eye" (these are the eyes of people that don't fall under that last category) it may sometimes (ok...almost always) look like we have too much time on our hands. I assure's all research. (my font has a mind of its own sometimes...just ignore it and it will go away) 

Gluing fake eyelashes on a coconut......seriously, once you start gluing things with a hot glue gun you just can't stop yourself.  


Barbie Dominoes......research 

studying the tide....... it came under my  hammock today

Sunrise study...

and of course the ever ongoing verb study.....hey, its not all fun and games here, work work work. sign....


Contessa said...

The verb study is definitely ongoing! You never mentioned it but I assume that the conversation was in Spanish.

Mary Klassen said...

oh yes it was all in Spanish, she does not speak Spanish

Mary Klassen said...

...ops, I mean, she doesn't speak English...