Monday, November 25, 2013

I'm baaaack!

First....sorry for not writing and staying connected, I haven't disappeared, just didn't have much to say. For reason I won't  get into this space is not supposed to be about my work and since that's all I did all, I really didn't have much to write about. I had a garden as usual and 3 chickens but wasn't able to spend  much time at home. My garden had to fend for itself,  thank goodness for some decent rains this summer, it still produced enough to feed me all just didn't look as pretty. I had enough tomatoes to make a lot of salsa, and even freeze a lot. For the first time ever I had a great crop of cucumbers and carrots, beets and amazing garlic, other than that I didn't have much. Peas and beans died due  to neglect and squash got planted so late it didn't produce, except for zucchini....any monkey can grow  zucchini?

My chickens survived just fine and greeted me every day when I came home from work with their chatter and with 3 eggs. 3 chickens gave me plenty of eggs to share with my neighbours. Louise was the same from last summer and she was very friendly but Veronica and Betty were new and didn't warm up to me at all, I just didn't spend enough time with them like I did with Louise last summer.

I didn't knit a stitch, read a book, paint a thing or touch my sewing machine, didn't even bake bread or make a pie. Seriously....just work. Made one road trip in July to see my daughter and grandson and they came up twice, and aside from maybe a handful of quick lunches with a friend that is about all the socializing I did too.

All work and no play isn't so bad when you can let your mind drift off  to a land of sun, sand and surf and know that there is an end to the work, and once it's's over for 5 months, and then it is all worth it and I wouldn't change a thing.

I'll leave you with some shots  of the summer

I love taking photos from the bug's view....from the bottom up

Aside from the horse he has the whole farming thing figured out

Like I said nothing overly interesting ....... yet. Stay tuned...


Brenda Maas said...

Glad you are back.
Love the photos; especially the sunlight mushroom one and the dandelion bugs eye view one.
Hope to read more soon.

Rob said...

So glad you're back Mary. And so glad you're back on the isla, blogging again. Me ha ayudado mucho. Gracias!

Contessa said...

Your grandson had grown so much. Such a different summer for you this past one, no baking???