Saturday, March 2, 2013

A bunch of unrelated stuff

I bought all this stuff for 38 pesos from the produce truck this morning. For about the last month we have had amazing oranges, sweet and juicy and without seeds, I eat about 5 a day. The produce truck guys says he's been eating about 6 a day. I'm already sad to leave all this fresh fruit behind when I go home. I can't afford to eat like this at home, once my garden at home starts producing in June I can eat all the fresh vegetables that I want but no fruit, I will miss the fruit so much. 

My freshly painted house underneath the trees, the big tree in the back is my mango tree, big tree on the left above the blue house is my neighbor's avocado tree.

One of my favorite places to eat is Miguel's, a little restaurant and a small store, restaurant is only open after 6 pm and has great food. It looks a little more inviting when they are open.

I love how the ocean/beach is never same, every morning it is different, maybe that's why I never get tired of this view. I don't think living by a lake (as beautiful as it is) would not be a substitute for living by the ocean for me, a lake is stagnate and unmoving therefore always the same, a ocean, river or a creek is always fresh and new. If I ever had to find a new home it would have to have moving water. For now...I am very content here.

Another little store, although, don't let the smallness fool you, they have everything in here, but you need to know what you want, you stand at the window and place your order. It eliminates impulse buying as well...which I think is just a North American habit, the rest of the world doesn't have money for impulse buying. At Christmas time the couple that own this store give everyone of their regular customers a gift, this year it was a plastic salad bowl with a lid. I didn't get one as I am only a customer for a few months. That's old time customer service, I love it.

I have a new blossom on my banana tree, I have no idea how long it will take until there will be bananas. (but I'll find out)

BY the was 15C here this morning,(and yesterday) a wee bit chilly. When this little brick house of mine gets cooled off like that it doesn't warm up too much in the day in here.....yesterday afternoon it was warmer outside in the sun than in my house.

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Rob in Regina said...

Looks like your writers block is now cleared! Your "casa pequena" is shaping up nicely. Wondering about the level of english that can be understood by the locals on the isla, away from the beach / tourists etc? Learning spanish is proving to be quite a challenge indeed! Especially when one is only getting the opportunity in smaller vacations so far. Anyways, enjoy. And thanks.