Saturday, December 1, 2012

The perfect water jug

For two years now I have been looking for a certain water jug, I know what it is supposed to look like but just haven`t seen one. Not that I have spent lots and lots of time looking, my attention span is fairly short when it comes to shopping but I`ve just kept my eye open for one. When I have a vision of something I just can't seem to let it go or compromise.....I'm such a geek that way.  

Last week I was in the Golden Zone for a foreign immigration forum...just to make sure I wasn`t getting deported, just kidding. I stepped into a artsy little shop and there it was, my water jug. Exactly the right size, the right color, and the right price, and .... there was only one, just for me. I was so excited. Could hardly wait to get home but I had a few more stops here and there, back to central, visited some friends, walked to another friends, wandered around central and picked up a few things had lunch upstairs in the market and then walked back to the docks....all this, while cuddling my precious clay water jug. Got off the boat and walked home along the beach barefoot, which always feels so good after walking on concrete in the city in flipflops all day. Finally got home and went to put my precious package on the step so I could dig out my house keys and I stumbled....just a wee little stubble on the step, not even really a stumble but my package just tapped the concrete step, it was just a wee tap, but I knew something bad had happened. I wanted to kick my ass...hard. I even called myself stupid in Spanish.(I can do that now) It was with great dread that  I unwrapped my package, I don`t think I even breathed,  yup it was cracked all the way around, the cup that it came with was even cracked. I was so sad and so mad at myself. I schelped this thing all around all day and made it home and then broke it moments before getting it in the house. Stupid is the word. I put crazy glue in the cracks the next morning but it didn`t work. Remember, there was only one in the store. So the hunt begins again. It is still pretty, but it doesn`t hold water, I need it to hold water so that I can stop storing my water in empty plastic yogurt containers. If  any of my Mexican readers see one of these somewhere please let me know. I paid 85 pesos for it and was happy with the price. 
The perfect water jug is now a big paper weight  

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