Sunday, December 30, 2012

It's a small world

United States
United Kingdom

Blogger has a page that keeps the stats of my bog for me. . It tells me how many pages were viewed, it tells me how many hits I got on each post, it also tells me from which Country I got hits from, this one is the most interesting for me.  It of course doesn't tell me who the people are and for all I know they may have come upon my blog accidently and then just left, without even reading anything. I find myself thinking of these stats as game stats and of course I am always cheering for Canada, but they are rarely on top, usually somewhere after The United States, Mexico and Russia. I find it interesting that the Russians are hitting my blog a lot...many times they are even ahead of the US, I don't know if this is by accident or if they actually reading my stuff. Is it one person repeatedly hitting my blog or is it many people....I don't know this. All I know is that this week 52 pages were viewed by Russians (chart above) I would like to think I have a friend in Russia  and one is Australia this week, and 8 in Malaysia and so on, but chances are they are accidental hits...I can always hope. If they are friends and are reading I often wonder what brings them to my blog? I have had some anonymous comments which I always love, it tells me my viewers are real. When anonymous comments are posted it doesn't tell me where you are from, unless you reveal that in your comment. I would like to encourage my readers to post comments, even anonymous ones.....because it thrills me, no other reason, I would like to know where you are from and what brought you to my little space, if you choose to reveal that. For instance, what am I writing about that would interest someone way over in Russia or in Malaysia? If it's the food that I write about I could write more posts about food, if it's my gardening in the north, or is it my rambling on and on about cotton curtains? I bet it's my sunset pictures. Or is it my knitting? I just started a painting, maybe I should share that if there are any artsy people reading this. I always cheer when a new country shows up, that thrills me too.
Whoever you are and where ever you are....welcome.
For the sunset lovers here are a few for you

For the Foodies out there, I have learned how to cook the PERFECT pot of rice from my Mexican sister, so perfect that I believe it will change my life...seriously. And of course I have pictures.....and will write about it soon.

Oh and.....YEAH for the US, you're ahead today.


Rob in Regina said...

Hi Mary.
I found your blog on a link from 5c's about 2 years ago.
After a vacay to Maz. and a visit to stone island, I wondered what it would be like to over winter inexpensively, and just chill with the locals, learning spanish and enjoying life. In Canada I feel we are so caught up in work work work, sell, sell sell... i'm sure you know what mean! Anyways, there you were, actually doing it! Your blog has been an inspiration. There are not that many writers that do it your way. Those "slice of life" posts are the best, and have taught me a lot about Mexican culture, and what a northerner can expect when immersing. Please keep it up! Invaluable.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Mary and Happy New Year!

I've commented before, but don't know if I've told you I'm in Gig Harbor, WA (not far from Seattle). I want to move to Mexico when I reture (don't know if I'll be able with the new laws, though) and have researched that for years. Can't recall how I found your blog but it is my favorite of all.

Your posts about food, your Mexican family, just all of it, every word....when I see a new post up it makes me day. I miss it when you're in Canada and rarely post. I envy your life, love your life.

Thank you for everything!


Contessa said...

What a great post Maria and I love the comments.

Rob I didn't know you read my blog. Please let Mary or I know if you come to Mazatlan again. There are many inexpensive places to stay here on the Isla.

I can't wait to find out how to make a perfect pot of rice.