Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Poopy Morning

I have no idea what possessed me  this morning to step outside of my very safe box, but for some reason I did. A few days after I got here I was walking on the beach one morning or afternoon, I can't exactly remember what time of day it was...not important here, anyway, I saw a SUV pull onto the beach from the plantation and as they just got onto the beach they stopped and the women in the passenger side threw a couple (2 or 3) little black baggies out the window onto the beach...hummm. When they got further onto the beach they both got out and 3 dogs jumped out...hummm. Did they pick up their dog poop elsewhere and then throw it out onto our beach? Not very nice, but, for the most part I am a "mind your own business" kind of person, so far that has always worked nicely for me so I  do just that, and kept walking. But for some reason today was different. I'm on my morning walk and on my way back I see the same SUV parked on the beach and 2 people are walking 3 dogs, coming towards me (they are returning to their truck now) then I see in front of me  a couple of super fresh piles of poop, do I say something? The poop in front of me is right on the tide line and in minutes it will get washed away, so it is not really that big of a deal but it's still the image in my mind of her throwing the baggies out the window that is annoying me and that is what compelled me to break my "mind your own business" rule. I figured if I just asked them in the nicest friendliest way if it was their dogs that had left that (there were no other dogs around and it was minutes ago fresh) it would be ok......wow, was I wrong! From now on I will stick to "mind your own business". I may have made 2 enemies and I still have to live here until April....not sure how long they will be here, we didn't get that acquainted and I have no desire to. It was ugly, I walked the rest of the way home glancing behind me every once in a while to make sure they weren't going to come after me. Seriously.

One could argue that the Mexicans don't pick  up dog poop, why should we. I think we can give them some grace on this as they are a little busy trying to make a living, not even trying to get ahead, which is a North American phrase, they are just trying to stay afloat, never mind get ahead. They are preoccupied with issues that we cannot even imagine, regardless of how many months we spend here, we cannot and do not even know all the issues they face on a daily basis. Keeping the kids fed takes priority over dog poop, littering, recycling and any other environmental sins we can think up. We (North Americans) however, have no excuses, most of us come from places where leaving your dog poop behind or littering is not tolerated which means we know better, if you don't shit in your own yard don't shit in someone else's. Plus.....here is the important one, we are all guests here and should behave like guests. If you want the people of Mexico to change their ways, or at least start to pick up dog poop, lead by example, and don't think it doesn't get noticed.
Last year I was standing on the beach talking to 2 of my Mexican friends and a North American women was picking up her dog poop about 12 feet in front of us and my friend commented on how nice we North American are because even though this isn't our country we are still trying to keep it clean. It does get noticed.
Be a good guest in whatever country you are visiting and don't leave your shit behind, I however will not be running for beach poop police this year and will not ever confront the bad guests anymore and will  continue to "mind my own business" I will just roll my eyes behind your back and put you on my mental list as a bad guest.....that will teach you, won't it.

I never accused them of leaving poop or of throwing poop out the window, I only asked them if it belonged to their dog, he (the women never said anything) was defensive and angry immediately before I could say anything else.   


Brenda Maas said...

Boy, that took guts on your part. I know I never could have done it.
I totally agree with everything that you said; but I still would have been too much of a chicken shi-t to say anything lol.

As for them, Ignorant is about the nicest word I can think of for them and the only word that is fit for public usage.

Good for you, I applaud you.

By the way, we have a street chicken here that roosts every night on our stair landing railing. She is a very nice chicken and makes me think of your chickens in Canada.

Contessa said...

Once in Guayabitous, after picking up after the girls a group of Mexicans started clapping as if we had done a magnificant thing!!!

On the Isla I tend to go up to people and ask if they 'Forgot their bag" and offer then a bag!!!

I think you did well and I promise to have your back soon as we get there.

Don't mind the poop so much but leaving plastic bag into the ocean is just wrong.

Contessa said...

We are there Sat. noonish!!

Mary Klassen said...

Thanks for having my back Contessa and welcome back. I love that you have a street chicken Brenda....try treating it with some yogurt :)