Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Not a walk on the beach and not your normal shoes

When at first I come home to this..

it can be a little depressing. It doesn't seem to matter when I come home, there is always one last snow storm reserved for me....or 2.

That may all seem depressing, and it is a bit but then, I get on my snow shoes and that is when I know I will be ok here in the great white north once again.

There is a certain thrill about being out in the blinding bright white light, and it is bright, shiny and sparkly, crisp and clean, and knowing that you are walking somewhere where no one has dared to go on foot, sharing the space with only the wild bush animals ...no people.

I over heard these geese saying that next year they are going to book a later flight home

I love the familiar feeling when I strap my boots into my shoes, the perfect fit, snug but soft, the leather strapping stretched to perfection like a favorite pair of shoes....only I don't have a favorite pair of shoes, I hate all shoes....I have shoe issues, but my snow shoes are perfect, and are always in the trunk of my car ready for an in prompt adventure. These are not your normal shoes and this is not like a walk on the beach......but it is thrilling.

A tiny little hint of spring


StrawBerriRose said...

Nice pictures of the snow. I love the snowshoe one.

StrawBerriRose said...
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Contessa said...

Great photos....hard to believe you can turn all that white into a beautiful garden.