Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hanging curtain rods, some quad tires, and a BBQ

Wow, hanging stuff up in a brick house is sooooo complicated. I had a guy come to hang some curtain rods. I did think something not normal was going to take place when he showed up with a hammer drill (that I expected), a machete, and a stick, what the heck is he going to do with the machete? Here is the process, first you drill a big hole into the wall with the hammer drill which makes concrete dust fly everywhere, and of course curtain rods get hung right beside the window which is where the concrete stud is making it very difficult to drill even with a hammer drill. After the hole has been made he takes his stick and chisels a piece off of it with his machete and puts it in the hole as a plug and slams it with a rock a few times then you screw your screw into the plug....brilliant. After 2 holes his drill quit working. He said he would come back manana.....2 weeks later we proceeded to finish the project. That’s how we do things here. 5 curtain rods got hung, one mirror and a mosquito net. I am rethinking wanting shelves in my kitchen; I think it might be less complicated to get concrete shelves made but probably not less messy. I think I’ll think about this for a few mananas.  
Mean while I dream of making a BBQ like this, but first a brick pad. 

My new Spanish Colonial rocking chair

Mexican extension cord

Homemade plug ... genius 

Flower pots, quad tires turned inside out... genius 
I managed to capture the end of a sunset, which marks the beginning of a sultry Mexican evening.

This is taken while I am sitting on my back door step

watching curtain move

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