Saturday, January 14, 2012

I was wrong

I thought the evening would not be magical because it was cold and grey all day, but as soon as the sunset it warmed up and it is now hot (but not) the magic is just beginning.


Anonymous said...

Oh my. Gorgeous. This photo and your writing! Your writing makes me swoon. It's past time to let you know...I found you (can't remember how now) just before Christmas, went back and read every post from the beginning (a lovely Christmas gift to myself), and was sad when I was caught up and now have to wait like everyone else for a new post!

Sadder still to learn you were going to Canada over the holidays, and I had to wait. (If I sound like I pouted, I did.) And now, here you are again with glorious writing, beautiful photos...

Oh thank you. I think the last post is my all-time favorite, ever. You are a master wordsmith. Yes. You are.

Okay, I'll stop gushing. I just couldn't lurk any more without letting you know there's someone "out here" loving your life, your writing, and how you live in this world.

Also? Would absolutely love to see more photos of your new home.

Thank you for all of it!


Mary Klassen said... flatter me, I am blushing. Thank-you for the encouraging words and I am sorry for making you wait over Christmas :) Thank-you for not giving up on me. Will indefinably be posting pictures of my new home once I am in there.
I love it when a new lurker comes out. Welcome.

Contessa said...

like the new artsy look...