Thursday, November 10, 2011

Surrender by Marc James in Kona, Hawaii

One of the last things I do before I go to the airport is surrender my keys, I put all my keys to everything away. Keys to my house, my car, my work, my mailbox etc... It's a hard thing for me. My keys are a part of me, they go with me everywhere, I don't leave the house without them and I can't get back into my house without them. I can't start work in the morning without them and I can't leave work without them. They are in my possession every minute of the day.....until I leave the country, then I no longer need them. Which makes me feel a little helpless, like I have lost some control. Thank goodness I know that the less control I have the better off I am, because it is not until I give up control that God can take over, and when God takes over I am always ok. Lots of time I wonder where God is in some situations and why he is not taking over but it is not that he is  not there....I haven't given up control,He must just sit and watch and shake his head I am sure. Normally it is easy to surrender when things have totally spun out of control and we know we can do no more, then it is easy to cry out to God and surrender but we must learn to surrender ourselves to God completely every day....yup, everyday. This is difficult....when we still have the keys in our hand but a little easier when you are not holding the keys.
Today I surrendered my keys.

I will leave you with this today, see you all in Mexico

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Contessa said...

...and she is here folks....I saw her wlaking the beach mere hours ago!!!