Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mexican Hot Chocolate

Those that know me know I am not a chocolate fan, at all. It's the sweetness I don't like, I also don't like gooey, slimy, soft substances. I can handle a few chocolate chips in an oatmeal cookie, or maybe even Napoleon ice cream,  but no more. This is why I like Mexican hot chocolate, it is not too sweet and has cinnamon in it as well. I don't mix it like they suggest on the box with 2 triangles I only use 1 per cup giving it just a hint of chocolate. Frothing it in a blender is just pure Mexican genius as well. Once again I will mention the funnest thing of all is the box it comes in, regardless of brand it is always in a hexagon shaped box with the chocolate in a round disk with perforated triangles. I recently had a pantry mishap (not talking about it yet) which resulted in a very through  cleaning and I discovered I had 4 boxes of chocolate and 6 bags of horchata and cebada .... yes 6. Someone needs to drink a lot of horchata here in this house, I wonder how it would taste hot? Anyone ever try?

Notice my santa cup. It was the cup that my child always left santa's milk in on Christmas Eve (seems like a million years ago). It is my favorite cup, and I always use it for coffee, tea or hot chocolate. It is the right size, the right roundness, and it fits nicely in my little saucers. Sometimes when I am too lazy to wash out my blender I use my little hand blender to froth up my milk.
I recently found another use for Mexican chocolate, chocolate banana bread. Check out the recipe on this site, I did make it and it was wonderful, of course I used whole wheat flour and brown was great!


Contessa said...

You will have to take me hot chocolate shopping.

Mary Klassen said... are missing out.