Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Still here

Just a short note to let you all know that I  have not fallen off the end of the earth, although I feel I am living pretty close to the edge of it. I have been having telephone, computer and internet problems, some of it my fault (do not spill water on your laptop) and some of it is the my internet carriers fault....most annoying. I do have many thing to report all backed up with many pictures but since I am writing from my local library I will have to wait until I am up  an running from home. For now I will report this:
- most of the garden has been planted
- the greenhouse is hot hot hot hot
- temperatures are ranging from -1C to 28C (I know, I range is huge)
- due to the dryness in the air and my hardworking self I no longer have fingernails (not exactly news)
- days are long, have no idea when the sun sets I am sound asleep by then
- I am up at 4:45 am and it is daylight then
- little stick that hitched a ride from Mexico is still alive
- have a great reciepe for homemade mayaonaise which I will share later
- am planning on making dandelion wine soon
- will be making tamales on Saturday with a friend
- learned to make fruit ice-cream, will share more on that later
- spinning has been abandoned but not forgotten
- I have a child that turned 22 last week, 22 years just flew by so fast, unbelievable
- I am now saving my dryer lint for the birds to make nests with (nutso)
- I am really really misisng coffee, I want some bad, I might have some soon

So, that is all I can think of here at t he top of my head. Hopefully I will up amd running at home soon and I can once again sit up in bed with my laptop and cup of coffee/ I mean tea, and just blab blab away to you all.
Do you like how I pretend I have many many followers?


Trinidad said...

I am a follower! I was wondering how everything has been but figured you were still battling computer problems. Have fun making the tamales, wish I could be there to try one! And just so you know everytime I think of sewing I think of you, I would really like to start up this hobby but sigh I need a to get a sewing machine first! And a cheap one at that as my budget is small due to my big move to Mexico. Glad for the update :)

Contessa said...

Good to hear you are still with the land of the living even if on the edge. You have been busy. Maybe the computer would have slowed you down. I like the dryer vent lint idea. I will set it out for the birds. I once knew someone who used the dryer lint to make paper with!! Hope you get your electronics back soon. You have been missed.