Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gardening in the tropics

A few days ago I spend some time in my garden here. The plant guy came and I bought some geraniums and a hydrangea. I haven't seen hydrangeas anywhere but I may have just missed them or looked in the wrong places. Some plants that are familiar from home look a whole lot different here, like the hibiscus plant which is a house plant at home but here it is outdoors and can grow as tall as a tree and wide and bushy. So maybe I just didn't recognize the hydrangea. I bought a pretty purple one and planted it in the corner of my garden. I have started some watermelon, cantaloupe, tomatoes and peppers from seeds that I collected and dried the last few weeks. It amazes me how fast seeds germinates here, tomatoes germinated in 5 days. From morning to evening I can see they have grown, it's amazing. The dirt is sand, horse poo and not fully composted vegetable and fruit scrapes. 

My pretty little hydrangea in the corner, it looks small now but I hope it has filled it's space by next year

Trying to create a bit of a hedge here

Daniel planted these coconuts and asked me to water them while I am here and I am being very faithful in that

There is an ugly corner here, the barb wire fence is the neighbors so  I hope this hibiscus will grow into a huge bushy tree

More little pepper sprouts coming up

My little garden
The plant truck that comes by every Sunday and sometimes one more day a have to guess which day that will be, but he always comes on Sundays

My little seedlings that will get transplanted into the garden when they get a little bigger, since I took this picture a few
days ago more have popped up
I have my own machete now, (and I know how to use it) I don't have to ask strange men as they are walking by to open my coconuts anymore

Every once in awhile when I am working away I look up am just in aww at where I am, I am so blessed to be here. Sometimes I can't even believe it myself.

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