Friday, February 18, 2011

Aging can be a beautiful thing......or not?

Aging can be a beautiful thing....if we keep our clothes on
I have never really worried too much about looking old, I have thought about getting old and how I will function, Will I be healthy, will I be mobile, how will my eyes and hearing be, will I remain sane, I have thought of all these things but never too much about how I will look. Until now. When you live on the beach you tend to see a lot of people uncovered, many uncovered people, people that should never be uncovered are shedding their clothes on the beach. You would be surprised at who is walking around in a 2 piece bathing suit. For a few years I just thought "if she is comfortable walking around looking like that who am I to judge"........not that I am judging I am just noticing, but lately it has made me ask myself a few things, do I look like that? Will I look like that soon? Is she sick or unhealthy or is that normal to look like that at her age? Age...when people are uncovered it is even harder to tell how old they really are because almost everyone looks terrible when they are uncovered...seriously. Undress your self and jump up and down in front of the mirror a if playing young do you look?
There are a few things contributing to this unpleasantness from what I can see. One is skin that does not fit. There are people that are clearly not wearing the right size skin, this effects all sizes of people. What causes this? I did some research (Google it) This is caused by the skin losing it's elastic over time, it starts happening at the age of 30.Oh dear.
Another thing that contributes to this unpleasant look is skin that looks like hamburger,  have you seen that red and white bumpy skin. It's a combination of sun damaged skin and cellulite. Not pretty. Cellulite also starts at age 30.
So how do we prevent this from happening?
As always it comes down to our eating habits. It's really very simple. A diet of fresh fruits and vegetables and plenty of water and less sun exposure, and using natural oils as moisturizers like Olive oil, coconut oil and almond oil, and as little sugar as possible and daily exercise. (the jury is still out on which exercise is best) In order for the skin to keep it's elastic it needs live enzymes, any food that's processed has no live enzymes in it anymore, we need to consume more raw fruit and vegetables or you can buy enzymes tablets in a health food store but I say why not just eat the food, it is so much tastier.
Smoking causes the elastic to snap as well and forms the winkles around your mouth, I did quit smoking 10 years ago but I can see some damage has been done. Massaging oil onto the wrinkles and lines is suppose to minimize them, so I will be trying that.
Sun damage is also a factor, I am not convinced that the sun causes Cancer but I know it can make your skin look like a worn out old leather shoe. I am also not convinced that sunscreen isn't one of the causes of cancer so I would say (but what do I know) just to cover up during the hot times of the day, which happens to be 11am - 2 pm here. A simple hat and a long sleeve thin t-shirt or light gauzy weight blouse would do.
Another thing that could be making you look old and ugly is the fact that you have next to no clothes on....put some clothes on and you will immediately look younger.

A case of the wrong size skin and not enough clothes

Too much sun......and not enough clothes

It always comes down to the food we the fruits and vegetables
By the way, I did not take these pictures I don't sneak photos of people on the beach, I'd rather other people do that and then I can copy and paste off the internet.
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