Monday, November 16, 2009

Nothing to do with traveling

Since I have had a few days of down time I have been doing some reading off of my friends's book shelf. I read through Kevin Trudeau's book Natural "Cures" revealed, previously censored brand name products that cure disease. I must say it was very interesting and I did get caught up in it for a few days, which included checking some of his facts online and doing a little background check (persay) on him. He's basically a bad guy that has switched sides. He reveals secret information with his involvement with the big Pharma, the food industry and goverments in over 60 countries and some of the richest and most powerful families in the world. He is the whistleblower of goverment and corporate corruption. He tells of how he has been in meetings around the worlds with the big Pharma, the food industry, the oil industry all working together with goverments and media, and rich rich influencial people to gain power and money. According to him there is a conspiracy to keep the people sick...drugs make money, cures do not. He is saying that the cause of cancer (and other diseases) is known and the cure is know but the selling of cancer treating drugs (and all brand name drugs)  and procedures is a multi-bizillion dollar industry that "they" will do anything to keep in business, including incorporating ingriendients into drugs and food that "they" know is causing diseases and lying about it and fudging (my word not his) their studies that they keep telling us about. Very interesting.  This book was banned in the US for awhile but he won a lawsuit and his book his back on the market again. If anyone else has read it I would love hear your thoughts on it. Since I've read it 3 days ago I have already made some changes in my life and will make some more in the next year. Following all his instructions on avoiding disease (all diseases are avoidable) would mean some serious work. ( but totally doable) I must say I was a little turned off when I went to his web-site (as he recommended) and found out that if I wanted to get any of the information that he mentions in the book you have to become a member and there is a monthly fee. Just another money making scam?

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