Friday, January 18, 2008

The true Mexican taco

I am still debating whether I want to publish my amazing taco discovery on this blog, because I think that with the information that I now have I can come home and open up a taco stand and be a bizzillionaire by next winter and I’m not sure I want to give away that secret. I’ll think about it.
5 hours later........................ok, still thinking about it. I got interrupted, my new SkipBoo playing friends popped by to invite me over again for left over spaghetti and some card playing, had a blast but then got home and realized that I still didn’t hadn’t bought a blanket (was going to do that yesterday). So again I will be wearing my wool sweater as it gets down to 10C at night and then during the day it has only been between 15 and 18C, which sounds warm but there is always a breeze coming off the ocean and there is no heat to turn on (ever) Most restaurants and stores are all open and of the 6 windows in my house only 3 have glass in them, the others have shutters that close but are not sealed at all. (Very leaky) I have towels stuffed in the 2 inch cracks under both my doors at night. Not wining by any means just informing you of the current weather condition, just a little ironic that the winter that I come here it’s the coldest winter they have had in 10 years.

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