Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Huge Dilemma

I had initially wanted to live on this Island instead of in the city; but I was advised that it would not be safe for a single woman to live alone there. While I am fairly comfortable living with Lydia there is still a tugging on my brain that I want to live on the Island. The school I teach at in Madero is a short bus ride from the docks, Casa Damasco is a short walk from the docks, my friends Barbara and Al, and my favourite coffee shop are all within walking distance from the docks....it just seems to make sense. While we were visiting there yesterday we met a lady that told us of a little apartment for rent on Island. (her daughter used to rent it) It is owned by a teacher, she has built a little apartment on the top floor of her house complete with a separate entrance. The place is totally fenced in making it very secure, and since she is living downstairs with her husband it is not like I would be totally alone. Everyone agreed that I would be completely safe there. The only downfall is that the only thing in it is a bed, no other furniture or even a stove or fridge...nothing, not a dish not a spoon. If it were furnished I would already be moving in. The rent is so cheap, 600 pesos a month.....and it is so cute, with a roof top patio.....I could even have a container garden up there. It’s a short walk from the docks, and a short walk to the most beautiful peaceful beach, and most yummy seafood restaurants. What to do...what to do? Lydia is also considering it because it would help her relationship with the people on the Island if she lived there, she would get to spend more time with them. If I take it and it works well for me she may rent it after I leave in May......great for her, I will have furnished it.

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