Thursday, December 20, 2007

Excitement at Casa Damasco

We brought a piñata to Casa Damasco today in hopes we could get some smiles or just a reaction of some kind, but first we served lunch and one gentleman could not keep his lunch down and just kept throwing up and I’m ashamed to say I had to leave the room; I was no help at all. Since this is something that happens a lot I have to get over this somehow. It almost seems impossible to get over something that has been with me forever. I remember chaperoning a high school graduation party and throwing up just as much as the drunken grads. I know God can totally change us in any way and I will give this to him to deal with. He helped me with my urge to smoke a few years ago, this is no different. I will overcome this. After lunch we hung the piñata on the back patio and wheeled in those that needed wheeling and hobbled in granny but Otencia kept sitting by the door hanging on to her belongings, I urged her to come, holding out my hand to her and saying “por favor por favor” but she would not leave her spot. She was the only one that did not take a turn at the piñata, everyone that is mobile (there are 4 men that aren’t mobile at all... (3 that can’t move and 1 that just won’t) had a turn, even granny made an attempt. I was a little disappointed at myself for not bringing my camera, everyone looked so light hearted and happy today. I brought Otencia some candy after the piñata exploded and after a while she started really rambling on to me very passionately about something again. I don’t know what to say or do then because I can’t understand a word she says so I smile and lightly shake my head and say “no se” meaning “I don’t know” I scrunch my face and brow up as if I’m really really thinking about what she’s saying and then after a lot thought I say “no se” in a really sympathetic way. This is how we are conversing, you’re thinking “no wonder she had a fit on you last week”. I have a new plan for next week though, the Mexicans use the word “entonces” a lot, it is kind of like “ummm,” you know when you pause in the middle of a sentence and you have to think of what you’re going to say next, so you do a ummm, and then you carry on again. Only the word “entonces” sounds a little smarter then “ummm”, it actually sounds like a I think I’ll use that next week instead of “no Se”. I asked Mariana again today what she was saying and again she just said “she is saying very very bad things” and bows her head and starts praying, perhaps it’s a good thing I can’t understand, if I could I might be intimidated and afraid of her and never go back, at least now I can just smile and say “no se”. I think when you’re wanting God to lead you it’s ok not to know everything.....knowing everything would be way too scary sometimes and we might dig our heals in a little deeper

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